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  • Hi,

    I would like to sue WP as our new CMS for our website instead of Typo3. All is fine for the content, BUT:

    We offer our products as download for our customers. But not every customer can download every product and version. So what I am looking for is a plugin/feature in WP which allows us to

    – create frontend user groups (in addition to the 5 built-in groups
    – manage the groups
    – manage users inside the groups (if possible also with self-registration, but this is not a must-have
    – manage access rights to certain download files based on groups
    – offer a simple overview page for the user to see what he can download (and maybe even what would be there if he was in another group(=paid more)

    I searched a lot, but could find anything suitable. WordPress Download Codes was nice, but couldn’t quite give me what I need.

    Any ideas? HAs someone built something like this before?

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