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  • I was just editing a page, and thinking to myself: it would be way better if my visitors could edit this page.

    Then it hit me. WordPress could/should include a small field with wiki options that can be enabled when editing a page. This means that you can se the settings for the page, and allow certain people (or simply anyone) to edit a given page. That would really rock… and I’m sure wouldn’t take THAT much time to do.

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  • Why not just implement a wiki then, instead of a blog? It seems like a lot of work, and a fairly big change in direction for WP, to mirror functionality already being purpose-developed in other software packages.

    Not saying, by the way, that it’s a terrible idea. Just, if a wiki is what you’re really after, you could deliver that functionality to your users with something like phpwiki right now, as opposed to when or if that idea floats up to being a priority for the WP dev team.

    Well I’m actually making good use of WP, and wouldn’t want phpwiki. In this case I was throwing together a contact list for my youth group (which uses a blog as it’s site) and I thought it would work best if THEY could edit it. The thing that inspired it was the “edit this entry” that shows on the page when I’m logged in. Could they not make that link available for more than just registered users, depending on a couple of per-page settings?

    I guess, but the complexity that wiki packages address, that I don’t believe WP currently attempts to, is how to handle competing edits (person a begins an edit, person b begins an edit of the same page, person b saves edit, person a saves edit, person b’s edits are lost, etc), and also how to revert pages back to a previous version in the event that one of your ‘open edit pages’ is vandalized by someone who thinks it’s “funnee” to trash your content.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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