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  • I am developing one file uploading plugin for my WordPress site to upload posts along with taxonomy and post meta data. Functionality wise it is working fine but when file uploading is finishing after that it is showing my plugin’s admin page without any CSS applied basically background is coming in white color and I am not able to see any WordPress admin option and in the end it is saying “session Expired”.

    But when I am going back and trying to access my WordPress admin it is working fine (means session expiration is not happening)

    My Research on this issue

    I searched for “WordPress white screen of death” issue and found that

    It may memory problem. So I increased my WordPress memory limit to 64M and 256M in both cases it didn’t make any difference.
    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

    It may be extra space issue in my PHP files that also I have done.

    I put my WordPress in debug mode and fixed all the issues on this page. I am doing ob_clean() after every operation to clean buffer memory.

    What should i do now? What can be the problem?

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