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  • This has been on my mind since becoming a part of the wordpress community and really feeling special about what has been accomplished by such a dedicated team of developers.
    I read the boards almost everyday and with the word spreading and more people coming aboard, it seems that there are many requests for features that will make word press more similar to what people were using before they switched over.
    My question is 1. Will you draw a line as far as what wordpress will become? 2. Do you see wordpress becoming the main engine for many different uses i.e. blogs, portals, intra/internet sites, storefronts, etc? AAAAaacchooomambo!! Excuse me
    Thanks in advance for responding.

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  • why stop at improving something that is exceptionally good as long as it does not become a bloated monster… 🙂

    ooh… NASA has some competition… :o)

    LOL….yup….and Mr. God too…..:-)

    No, actually, NASA is just a cover. NuclearMoose has been in constant contact with NASA and the Mars rovers (those antlers are good for more than just decoration.)
    Seriously though, I agree with allusions’s assertion that WP in 2 years won’t be much different. Most of the requests are addon goodies, the icing on the caske as it were, but based on what I’ve seen, when a request for something that would involve changes to the core files, that person tends to be on their own. Changes might get made if they make sense, or if it’s a bug of some sort.
    Actually, I’m quite glad the WP devs stick to their guns. It prevents the base system from becoming bloated. Besides, based on the number of items I’ve seen on the hacks page in the Wiki, it isn’t that difficult to bolt on an add on.

    request #1: a better plugin architecture
    request #2: that all other requests be fulfilled in plugins.

    yeah, an easier way will be to make a hack folder and just drop in hack files that authors can provide…

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    Jaykul, I think you’re going to really like 1.1.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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