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  • Hi all
    I have an idea for a website that I wan’t to test.
    I wan’t to do this in WordPress because I am convinced that it is a tool, that can do what I need – easy.

    In short I would like a website where users register. Once registred every user must have their own private area where they can save their own posts. Default these posts must be private and only visible for the author.
    If a user want others to see a post this should be possible.

    If possible I would like users to be able to share posts with each others, but only with specific users that the author defines. Mayby users can create and join Groups, and publish posts there.

    Navigation appears when registred and looged in.

    The FrontPage un-registred users see should be simple with not much more than an image, some text and link to register-page.

    I have looked at these plugins:
    but I feel lost when trying to fit my idea into these (probably due to my lack of knowledge on these plugins).

    I sincerly hope that someone out there can point me in the right direction when choosing the right plugins.

    All the best,

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