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  • Hi
    isn’t better that release a single-file installer of WordPress alongside it package?
    a wp-webinstaller.php file that retrieves latest version of WordPress and installs in on server.
    it will be faster than downloading latest version and uploading it again.
    always we have wp-webinstaller.php and get latest version direct on server.


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  • Well to upgrade the WP all you need is log in to the admin panel, and click update when new version available. That goes for the plugins, themes and core.
    Installation is fine you just upload files you need install, only have to do it once. Specially if you want to have custome theme and other plugins uploaded specific to your install thats the easiest way.

    when no WordPress installed, we can use web installer(few kilobytes) instead of WordPress package(>5mb).
    i dont speak about update!

    With SSH access and knowledge of the proper commands, you can install WordPress directly onto your server without having to download anything at all onto your own computer.

    i set this topic as resolved
    but all people dont have ssh access!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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