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    Hello All,
    After being fed up with sub par hosting companies that failed to offer reliable and robust hosting at an affordable price, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and launched 15% of the company revenue goes back to WordPress (Matt). If you have any questions, comments, concerns … feel free to let me know.
    Raja Bhatia

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  • Nice idea! My respect 🙂
    Best Regards, MaxT

    Looks cool, good luck.

    Can some active users of this service provide us any feedback on how this service is holding up? I’ve just had the unfortunate case of being ditched due to bloghosts going down. (which co-incides perfectly with my desire not to ‘upgrade’ to MT3.x and move to something open-source)
    Even though I can find cheaper plans, if someone can confirm that 15% of revenues are going to the WordPress then i’m happy to support them.

    wow, even after your bloghosts experience you want to go with a hosting provider that primarily caters to blogs?

    Well, yes. In reality it’s just a blog. I keep a regular archive of the content on my desktop so the biggest risk is a small financial outlay.
    I’m definitely curious to know what factors caused the bloghosts failure as the site is shady on why they’re shutting their doors.
    Realistically I used 10MB of space and about 60MB of file transfers and logged one support ticket in 7 months of use, which i’m guessing that a lot (if not the vast majority) of blogs use.
    Subsequently I believe that the model is financially sustainable (for the right type of company providing the services, maybe as a ‘sister site’ to their main ops)

    charle97, as I posted on another thread – I’ve catered to blogs for almost 3 years now, and it is my full time job, my full time business, and I am very proud of the company I have built. I have over 375 accounts – many of which host multiple domains within their accounts, so it really accounts for a lot more clients than that. I have numerous testimonials to how reliable our services are.
    I chose to focus on weblogs when I first started because there was a need – most hosts were still clueless about blogs, how they worked, the server requirements we had, etc. Prior to hosting blogs, I worked for years in IT, with a variety of types of sites; in addition, I owned my own ecommerce business. I have years of experience with hosting, from all levels. (The company I worked for had a partnership with PSI when they were still in business; I worked with a wide variety of clients.)
    So, while I can appreciate your sentiment that you avoid hosts with “blog” in their name, you have never explained in these forums why, or what reasons you have to support this sentiment. If you had a bad experience, I’m sorry. But please don’t blanket the entire “nitche” market and say that we are all bad.
    I’m not just a blog host though … I am a WordPress user. Heck, I named it. I know Matt personally – to the level that he has been to my house for dinner. So I’m not just some faceless, nameless person running a blog hosting company – I’m a part of the blogosphere, I’m out there – I meet people, they get to know me. I try my best to bring hosting to a very personal level.
    What happened with Bloghosts is truly a shame. But don’t generalize and say that any host with “blog” in the name is bad. The same fate has happened to many hosting companies before this event, some with big names, and many without “blog” anywhere in the title.
    I’ll end my rant now. Sorry if I seem a bit zealous about this, but it’s my reputation on the line.

    I just signed up with host yesterday, after hearing from a lot of people about them, and already have my blog up and running!!! Now, that’s what I call hosting 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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