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  • I have created a hack(wp-wap.php & wp-wap-comments.php) that allow users to browse your blog over a mobile phone or any devices that have a wap browser.
    No configuration is required. Just unzip the file and upload it to your WordPress folder.
    For the demo to work, use a wap browser.
    wp-wap.php ( Demo | Download)

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  • This is great. I already have implemented it on my journal.
    @sushubh: I think so…I’m on Mozilla and it doesn’t work for me, but yeah, looks good on Opera.

    Looks Great on a phone Sushubh. Go to the link below and find a form with “wapalize” as the button. Put in your wap link and click on wapalize to see what it should look like on a cell phone. It only works in IE and I did not write this emulator, did.

    🙁 Had to run IE…
    on the other hand, that is 1 old nokia model 😀
    Cool anyways…

    I installed it and it works great except for one thing – I get this error message after clicking on an entry:
    “Warning: Missing argument 4 for comments_number() in /stuff/wp-includes/template-functions.php on line 1561”
    the link to the comments and the correct number of comments appears right after this message.
    I uploaded a fresh copy of template-functions, thinking maybe I had messed up the previous one, but that didn’t help. any ideas?

    oh, I’m running 1.0, if that helps at all 🙂

    I think this is great, BUT, it’s not valid wml, and won’t work on a mobile phone (the whole point surely?)
    I’m currently editing it, and adding the abilty to post comments, as well as automatically sizing the page returned to one appropriate for the device (if it’s too big, phones won’t load it)
    I’ll post it on here when I’m done :o)

    Woah! You read my mind! I was thinking that I wanted people to access my news via WAP just yesterday!
    Ana, I cant wait for your developments.
    Thanks GamerZ!

    Mozilla and Firebird have a WML plugin (only 13k) at

    @ana: it depends on the contents of your post I think, somtimes i get that error too for some post which has illegal characters. Wap is VERY strict. =(

    Well, couldnt a script be written which will take out or replace illegal characters?

    hmm, anyidea what is considered an illegal charcater? I only know $ is illegal.

    I already have a script for that, thou I’m not sure it will work with WordPress (it’ll mess up if there are html entities stored in the database)
    This is the first time I’ve attempted something like this – I’ve done a fair amount of wap development, but never actually attempted to write a hack like this. Would the aforementioned make_wml_compat() function go in my-hacks.php?

    This may take me a while, but you can see the results of what I’m doing at;

    wp-config.php from the root of your blog

    I’m using wp-blog-headers.php?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 53 total)
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