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  • It was with great dismay that I read the changelog of v2.6. Version 2.6 apparently tracks the differences between versions of a blog post, like Wikipedia. I have a Wikimedia wiki on my website, and having to retain a record of every change causes the MySQL database associated with it to be much larger than the databases for my very active forum and frequently updated blog.

    While a blog post won’t normally see as many revisions as an article on a wiki, I will usually edit each blog post well over a dozen times to see how it looks so far, catch my spelling and grammar mistakes, alter wording to better convey my message, correct factual errors, add updates when new information becomes available, and generally improve the quality of my posts, even weeks after I publish them. While most changes are minor, I sometimes add or remove entire paragraphs. To me, writing is a process, and a blog post is never really finished. I fear that my approach to blogging will cause my MySQL database to become enormous, perhaps beyond the limits set by my webhost. I regard this as a feature that I don’t want or need, and one that will be detrimental to me. I can’t afford to upgrade.

    I don’t write this expecting a response, or hoping that my one vote against will accomplish anything. For what it’s worth, I just wanted to be on record as saying that I regard this feature as a problem, and therefor v2.5.1 will be my last my last version of WordPress.

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  • I think the revisioning system is useful for blogs with multiple authors/editors, but it is rather overkill for most single user blogs.

    WordPress is trying too hard to be all things to all people. It should stick to what it does best. If I want a wiki, I’ll use wiki software, if I want a proper CMS, I’ll use a proper CMS.

    If WordPress went back to its roots and focussed on making a better blogging experience instead of bloating it with features that most people don’t need, it would encourage me to continue using it. As it stands, I’m in the same boat as you.

    While I need to continue using WP on a couple of sites due to the sheer time investment involved in getting them to where they are, I certainly won’t be using it for anything in the future.

    With each new version I check the changelog for an option to turn off post revisions. I haven’t seen one, but I have read a post in which a user complains about a new revision being created every time he hits preview. He’s annoyed that his post now has 61 revisions. I would be, too. Post revision is probably a useful feature for people hosting blogs with multiple editors, but the rest of us regard it as a nuisance that fills up our MySQL database space with useless bloat. Here’s hoping that you can turn it off in v2.8. Until then, stick with 2.5.

    Hurray for IanD!

    Still kind of a shame that a third party had to create a plugin to fix a feature that potentially makes maintaining a WordPress blog unsustainable. Hopefully this functionality will be incorporated into the next version.

    Having lost more than one long, complex post because I failed to save, I like having the automatic save – and even the revisions. But once I’ve published, I want an easy way to delete the revisions that were made because I don’t need them any more.

    Is there a plugin for that?

    Never mind. I just found Revision Control, which allows me to limit the number of revisions that are saved and easily delete them when I no longer need them, or disallow revisions completely!

    Oh frabjous day!

    I really hope this gets folded into the core code.

    I added a suggestion to include a way to delete revisions, or limit them. If you agree, please go vote here:

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