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  1. robertosalemi
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    Day to everyone,
    I saw that this topic has been addressed several times, but they are not able to cope with them.

    The development environment is Windows 7 + WordPress 3.6.1 + Wampserver 2.4

    My machine has a static IP address, the type, so that the site is displayed correctly by all the PCs inside the LAN.

    Now you are presented with two problems:
    1) I made ​​a TEST of publication of the website, I had to remap all addresses from to http://www.nomesito.it perfect, the site is visible from the outside (all references are correct, images and links), but you can not see it from the PC connected to the same LAN as the server where it is deposited, as if no longer able to resolve addresses.
    Can I set something at Apache?

    2) Another serious problem: the new site has replaced one built in HTML.
    Through url http://www.nomesito.it/applicazione you have the ability to access other external application to WordPress.
    But now what happens: if I try to open the link, WordPress gives me an 'Error 404 Not Found', because of .htaccess file.
    How can I solve ?

    Thanks in advance for your help .

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