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  • I imported my WP files from an ISP where the directory name was WordPress to my localhost (Mac OSX 10.4) where the directory name is wordpress. (Does case matter here?) All of my files are present in the MYSQL database in the localhost WP root folder named wordpress. But the files have as their url the old address at the ISP. (

    At localhost I can search the entire database and generate long lists of posts that have the search term within the post. But if I try to call up a specific post, I get a 404 error.

    To further complicate things, the files are named with the permalink structure /%postname%/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/ .htaccess has mod rewrite enabled as specified by the WP install.

    Running Php 5, MYSQL 5.0.27

    To summarize: my localhost WP install can see the database, search it, display portions of it, but when a specific post or page is called, it can’t find it.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • Update:
    I re-imported the MYSQL file from the ISP server and got the address correct (wordpress, not WordPress).

    Problem with 404 pages persists. Changed the permalink strucure to the default of using the post ID number. Problem with 404 pages went away. So the mod rewrite syntax that WP generates when you change the permalink setting is not correct for my situation.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Could this be a Mac localhost server peculiarity?


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