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  • I know we are all bias here, but I wanted to get peoples thoughts on the current version of WordPress and Sharepoint. I have worked with both, and I know there isn’t much that can’t be done with WP if you know what you are doing. It is also much easier to learn how to do things so you know what you are doing with WP because it’s open source. Good luck finding info and free help on a Microsoft product.

    Forget about comparing the cost of a project with the 2 options, because with SharePoint you are tens of thousands of dollars into things before you can even start (hosting, hardware, licenses, consultants, etc.).

    As I start a new job, I’m in charge of re-doing all the websites for a large state government agency. People here were thinking SharePoint before I got here. In a few weeks I have showed them some things that can be done with WP, and people are in awe.

    Sound off with your thoughts and input please. I can use all the ammo possible to convert the die-hards.

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  • WP and SP are different animals. Although WP can be used as an internal tool, it’s strength is really being an external facing product.

    SP, on the other hand, is primarily an internal tool, one with with named users, permissions, groups, file structures, and document sharing.

    They are both strong tools used for very different purposes.

    I feel the same way as Gabe Young. They are both very handy when used for the appropriate purpose. To me, SharePoint is more of an image, and WordPress is not.

    A business will expand — if all goes well — and will usually require expansion, which SharePoint is good for. WordPress has the capabilities that SharePoint has on every level, but is much more dependable on 3rd Parties to complete it. This can become very initiating as some just don’t meet up to your needs, and then you gotta program it yourself.

    I do prefer WordPress over SharePoint, but that is just do the amount of client base I have that uses WordPress. Pretty much a 6 to 1 actually, however, I do like doing SharePoint for clients, because they are usually on a higher scale and paycheck.

    Although true, very different animals, one step towards giving WordPress parity with SharePoint is that WP now has formal document management support (with version control and file hosting). If you haven’t already made your decision, you may want to take a look at WP Document Revisions.

    I never worked with SharePoint so I’m not sure what it does, but how about comparing it to BuddyPress? BuddyPress could be perfect for intranet, no?



    There may be increased interest in how / whether to integrate these two given last year’s launch of Office 365 including Sharepoint cloud services fairly inexpensively.

    I’ve seen a number of posts from people wondering about the benefit of running WP externally and Sharepoint internally. Gabe’s post above recognizes these strengths but can / how to integrate them?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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