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  • I am learning Drupal and WordPress, I know Dreamweaver. I understand that to make customize theme, I have to use Dreamweaver.

    So, I am wondering, is Dreamweaver have better integration power with WordPress or Drupal?

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  • Dreamweaver isn’t meant to be a tool of integration, it’s just a robust text editor. You can integrate with Drupal by reading this Adobe blog post, but you might be coming about it wrong.

    Just import the theme folder as a new project, and edit away.

    I understand that to make customize theme, I have to use Dreamweaver.

    To answer the above – no totally not – you can do customizations within the WordPress dashboard.

    Is there any free application / software or any website to make WordPress or Drupal Custom theme (totally different new design) without coding?

    Hello WPyogi,

    Is it possible to customize totally new different theme within the WordPress dashboard without coding?

    If you mean can you create a totally new theme, no, you would need to know quite a lot of HTML, CSS, PHP, JS and how WP works.

    This may give you some more info:

    Stick with wordpress, use child-themes, trust me I didn’t know CSS about 2month ago i watched a video on youtube called PSD to wordpress 3 and PSD to wordpress 4 and it taught me CSS. I don’t really know php but i just go with trial and error. I can’t even be bothered with Dreamweaver now it’s too cumbersome. Honestly open a wordpress theme you like, make a child and get on with it. There is no editor for wordpress or drupal that are worth using as they all add lots of code to relatively large files and its a slow performance. I used artisteer for a while but the sites were so slow!

    Hello gcoulby,

    I am getting confidence by reading your post.

    In the way you are doing child theme in WordPress, have you tried to make Drupal child theme in this way?

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    For Drupal queries, post in the Drupal forums.

    I know, but there I will not get this person “gcoulby”. I want answer from this person.

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    I want answer from this person.

    OK. But how quickly do you think we’d shutdown a Drupal conversation on a WordPress forum? 😀

    If you need to ask a Drupal question then do so where Andrew suggested.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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