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  • I found basic PHP much easier to learn than WordPress. Using my elementary skills I’ve been able to develop content managed web sites which work much faster and have all the features WordPress has. I’ve just returned to a WordPress site I designed a few months ago and am appalled by how slow it is and how difficult it is to choose options. I’ve just spent an hour trying to get the display of my header image with text over top of it. Something that would take five minutes normally.

    I’m honestly wondering if a modestly-skilled web developer isn’t better off without WordPress at all?

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  • and your point is?

    There are lots of web tools out there – just choose one you like, and let those who like others use them.

    Live and let live !

    My point is that I’m wondering whether or not other people feel that way. Do you, for example, ever find WP to be cumbersome and slow. Have you ever tried to learn PHP? Do you find that sites created with your own code are faster than WP’s sites and, since you actually created them, easier to administer?

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    It’s common to think lesser of someone else’s code and love your own.

    which is to miss entirely the point of wordpress, which is to

    1. give those that don’t want to learn a whole bunch of code a set of tools that they can easily use, change themes and add plugins from people who do like code

    2. Create a CMS, which enables then to let others who just want to post administer content.

    If like omigosh you like code then directly creating website that does exactly what you want, and is administrable only by you, then fine. If you want a site which lets you dip you toe in get stuff up and running easily, and then develop to the extent that you are happy with then CMS systems like wordpress are ideal.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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