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  • I hope “virtual subdirectories” is the correct word to use here…

    WordPress by default has only three subdirectories installed when created: wp-content etc.

    However, it would point to permalinks and pages via using URLs to point to non-existent subdirectories e.g. your page called “Disclaimer” points to when there is no /disclaimer in your htdocs folder.

    In case you need my URL, it is here:

    I suspect it is a problem of .htaccess but I can’t be too sure – help!

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  • OK, what is the question. If you use the “nice permalinks” then yes, WP will create URIs like

    N.B. It does NOT do it by default, you have to set it like that. Obviously, you did in admin > Options > Permalinks.
    On the other hand, probably, you didn’t read before attempting to do it:

    Wow that’s fast.

    Well actually I did that quite long ago, this technically isn’t a fresh WP installation. I moved these from my old site.

    What could be wrong?

    What could be wrong?

    Tons of things…
    You still have the old URIs in the database
    You did NOT update your Permalink options on the new server
    You don’t read the suggested resources before replying…

    Oh, I’ve found the problem. It’s dead stupid.

    When moving the site I moved my .htaccess file seperately from the other files. I saved it as htaccess, forgetting the
    “.” in .htaccess

    Hah, thanks alot!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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