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  • I have a web site/video podcast full of WordPress tutorials, that take you from being an absolute wordpress beginner, to installing wordpress, installing plugins, themes, and slowly progressing to more complicated things (last episode was installing wordpress connect).
    I hope you enjoy it:
    The theme is Clean [Bluehaze] which I like but it’s waaay too busy for me. I’m working on a custom theme that’s alot easier to navigate with lots of curvy lines – I’ll post an update here when that’s done.

    Enjoy (you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes too).

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  • This is just a friendly suggestion to consider. I visited your site and clicked on the Upgrading to WordPress 2.7 video. I realized right away that the video was going to need to be downloaded to my computer before I could view it–.mov format. I waited several minutes and still nothing, so closed the browser window and looked at the properties of the video–100MB…it would take me several minutes to download that.

    I have a feeling you will lose a lot of potential viewers with this set-up. You should consider, in my opinion, putting your videos on your site in a format that can be streamed through the users browser, i.e., a flash format. I post a lot of videos as well and use YouTube for many of them…I’m not necessarily advocating YouTube; but I think some streaming format for viewing in the browser would be better and get you more viewers…you could maintain a downloadable format as well if you wanted. Just a thought.

    Thanks. I used to post my videos to revver but I had a bad experience (they went down for 4 days and i lost 1/2 my subscribers) so I’m still working on figuring out the best ways to distribute/display my videos.
    Part of the problem is that they look best at 1024×768 which is the resolution they were recorded at. I guess I’ll have to convert them into flash for web viewing.

    I’ve spent the last 3 months in a house with FIOS at 30mbps download speed, so I guess my mind has become a bit skewed as to what is an acceptable file size… when I click on one of the video links it starts playing within 10 seconds.

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