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    i’ve narrowed my choices down to b2evolution and wordpress. wordpress seems to have more linkage and conversation based on it, according to google. what are the advantages of b2evolution? b2evolution’s interface is much prettier, thats certain immediately. someone has also said that the code is cleaner.
    i searched and found a similar question from earlier this year, but i thought maybe things have changed since then since both communities seem fairly active.
    i’m going to pose the same question in the b2evolution community, to try and be as impartial as possible.
    thank you!

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  • I can’t really see the advantage of WP.
    What is it? Why are there so many more people talking about it?

    Why? Because it supoerior to anything else I’ve ever used. Can’t speak for anyone else.
    Check the features.
    More reasons I use WP

    One reason I love wordpress is because the code is easier to understand. It may be so because WP does not use OOP.
    Another thing, and this is the most important – is love the community and I can say with a lot of confidence that I know that if I have a problem, some one will be around to help, and soon, be it here at the forums, or at #wordpress the IRC channel.

    I went through a lot of back & forth about which software to use, before and after having narrowed it down to WP & b2evo. My saga is described here.
    A very helpful source of info that I found for comparing the various CMSes was Owen Winkler’s Blogware Choice posting, along with his nifty comparison chart.

    i like how b2 lets you upload an image from within the blog editor, & just drops the code straight in… thats really handy… how come wordpress cant do that? i just installed wordpress after using b2 for 2 years, & i’m already missing that function…

    You mean something like this:

    The power of a tool isn’t always in what comes with it, but how it can be extended through whatever tools you decide you need, or want (or can create).

    oh, another reason i liked that “upload file/image” button in b2 – at work, i cant ftp through our firewall, but that button did work, so i could still upload easily – very handy indeed.

    WordPress is still early in its development. It has come a long way in a year, and I see no sign of letting up. It continues to get better all the time.

    I would suggest that rather than asking what is better and why, just try it out. Why I like it may have no bearing on why you may like it. It’s the cat’s ass for some people while others find their niche with any of the other tools out there.

    However, from my POV, the people in and around the whole project make the difference, and that’s why I’m here to stay. Also, Matt pays me a ridiculous salary to pimp WordPress. In fact, I can tell you that so far, he and the dev team have given me A FREE COPY OF EVERY WORDPRESS VERSION I have ever wanted.

    What more is there to say?

    yo, thanks for the link to the plug-in! i’ll give that a try when i get home. im totally new to wordpress & this forum, so sorry if im a bit clueless regarding what it does & doesnt do! & yeah, big ups to the developers of free software – wicked effort, maximum respect, etc. ;>)

    turns out this one is better.

    & i found that in wordpress/options/miscellaneous the recommended directories wont work due to permissions, & if you 766 the permissions on the /wp-content/ directory, then the image browser button wont appear! catch 22! i’d assume its because the plugins directory lives in the wp-content directory, & likes its permissions left as -is for some reason?

    so, after much farting about, i found i had to puta “gallery” directory OUTSIDE the entire blog directory (root of my site) to get it to work.

    Also, Matt pays me a ridiculous salary to pimp WordPress.

    Mooooose! SHHH!!!!! No one is supposed to know about that, remember? That’s what the extra kickback was for – to make sure that we say that we use WP because it warms the cockles of our hearts and that we love it so.

    Sheesh… ;P


    I would suggest playing around with both, if you can.

    Sometimes it is really hard to tell what you want and what you don’t need till you start twidling, and figure out what direction your site is going in.

    I run my own server, so I know this isn’t as easy for everyone … but I played with b2, wordpress, mt, and drupal before going with wordpress.

    If you feel up to it you could install cygwin with apache/php/perl and try them all out.

    doh – im just a bit dumb with chmod… shouldve been chmod 750 on the wp-content dir. oh well.

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