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    I have installed section widget on new wordpress version 3.6 on multi-site website. It was working fine for my previous versions but now for the current version it is creating problem for widget area and menu area. The modules are not working and not draggable. Request the admin to resolve it asap.
    Thanks hope it resolves soon

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  • This plugin uses the length method which was deprecated in jQuery 1.10 (and part of WP 3.6). I don’t have a fix right now but if I get a chance in the next day or so I’ll check it out.

    ps this is not my plugin, i’m just a community member.

    That would be great!

    I too am suffering form a problem since upgrading to 3.6, however not concerning this plugin

    many thanks

    Hi plugin author, I think the fix is simply to change $(e).tabs('length'); to $(e).size(); in line 58 of

            if(typeof($(e).data('inc')) == 'undefined'){
                var inc = $(e).tabs('length');

    Hello —

    I did the code edit as suggested above but I am still not able to use my widget admin page. The only way for me to get it to work is to disable “Section Widget”, which I don’t want to do. I love the plug-in and I hope we can figure out a fix soon!



    Right idea, wrong file. This plugin has 2 versions of each js file a dev version and a minified version. The minified version seems to be the one that’s used. Here’s a new minified file for section-widget-admin.js that seems to work now on my local machine.

    Thanks, @gsibert. This seems to work. I lost the items I had been using with the widget but it should be fairly quick for me to re-apply them.

    I uploaded the new file (section-widget-admin.js), but it’s still not working for me.

    Any other ideas/solutions to get this widget to work?

    I cannot access any of my widgets! The expand arrow to open a widget in a sidebar does not work.

    Nor can I drag them off of nor a new one onto a sidebar.

    Repeat – NONE of my widgets can I manage from the Dashboard!

    Please fix ASAP as this is obviously impeding our ability to run our businesses!

    Thanks in advance for your quick attention to this!

    I replaced the old js file with the one you delivered here. It works.

    Thanks Gsibert.


    Hello, i also have this issue.
    Do you know if by replacing the ol js file, all my section will be deleted ( because i have lots of them).
    Thanks !!

    Plugin Author Enej Bajgoric


    I am currently working on the fix for this plugin. I am hoping to be done with it soon.

    The fix provided by @blogjunkie and @gsibert are temporary fixes. Which should help resolve the onload error that prevents the page to work properly. Also, If you disable javascript in your browser you should still be able to manipulate widgets. Without applying any fixes.


    Any news on this one please guys?

    I have a very large number of sections running with ad code in… so don’t want to apply the fix above as someone has suggested that I will need to reset all my widgets.

    I can not currently move widgets, update URLs or add events to my calendar.

    I so love this plugin and really hope it can be sorted.

    E x

    Plugin Author Enej Bajgoric


    Hi I finally managed to get the latest version up.
    It has quite a few changes. Please update to 3.2 version of the plugin if you are running the WP3.6. If you are still on WP 3.5 there is no reason to update. ( I didn’t test the 3.2 version of the plugin in WP3.5) Since it is not using the same version of jquery-ui as WP3.6 I am guessing it won’t work. Let me know if the update worked for you.


    Thanks. It has fixed the widget issue for me… but I still can not add events to my online calendar.

    To be fair, Section Widget is far more important to me than the calendar… so I’ll search for a replacement for that instead.

    Elle x

    where is the 3.2 version download link? woothemes and wp have 1.3.1 and doesnt work

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