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    Updating to v6.2.1 has broken all Shortcode Blocks in templates.

    If this is not a bug and has been done deliberately for whatever reason then we urgently require a workaround to resolve this issue.

    Does anyone know anything about this?



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  • Lana Codes


    @ipstenu Yep, I don’t think you’re developing Gutenberg, or specifically Blocks in Core (since I’m a plugin developer, I know what you do at WordPress because you’ve checked my plugins). But when you say “they”, it may mean another department at WordPess team, but to me “you” means like the WordPress development team, all departments.
    And you’re almost the only one from the WordPress team who answers the questions now.

    I thought that “since Full Site Editing is the way to go” was your personal opinion. But I think the WordPress core team thinks the same. That’s why I answered like this.

    So obviously I meant that the WordPress core team, project leaders or Automattic or anyone in a decision-making position at WordPress should have decided to write a separate block CMS.

    I could also have said that you should not have enabled the beta Gutenberg during the plugin review (maybe it would have even been a little funny). Or it should have just remained a plugin. Think how easy it would be now, just disable Gutenberg and switch to another theme, and everything is solved.

    But now it will be the same, only in a different way. Block templates will be disabled. The users will decide.

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    @lanacodes FYI when you (or anyone) says “You” in reply to a person, the rest of the world logically thinks you mean that person. So I’ve gotten a lot of weird and angry people now mad at ME personally for Gutenberg, and man, I only made a couple plugin for it!

    I thought that “since Full Site Editing is the way to go” was your personal opinion. But I think the WordPress core team thinks the same. That’s why I answered like this.

    Right, so that was not my personal opinion. It was actually something on the public roadmap – https://wordpress.org/about/roadmap/

    Long term roadmap

    As a reminder, these are the four phases outlined in the Gutenberg project:

    The Four Phases of Gutenberg

    1. Easier Editing — Already available in WordPress, with ongoing improvements
    2. Customization — Full site editing, block patterns, block directory, block themes
    3. Collaboration — A more intuitive way to co-author content
    4. Multilingual — Core implementation for Multilingual sites

    We’re living in Phase 2. Clearly I should have linked.

    Lana Codes


    @ipstenu You’re right, I should have written “the WordPress block development team” instead of “you”. But you are currently the only one representing the WordPress team because no one else has commented here… And I don’t think I wrote anything mean or hurtful, I just expressed my opinion.

    You also wrote:

    I personally have only a theoretical knowledge of the issue, so I can’t help out there.

    Well, I also have practical experience and knowledge of what this vulnerability can cause.

    Any shortcode vulnerability like contributor+ shortcode XSS, LFI or SQLi will potentially become an unauth vulnerability.
    If you’re wondering how much of a problem this can cause, I alone have reported more than 400 shortcode XSS vulnerabilities in plugins. Among them in plugins with 100k+ and 1M+ and 3M+ active installs.
    I think you also noticed this, considering that as far as I know you manage these reports at WordPress.org.

    Note that now everyone is sharing codes on how to enable shortcodes in block templates.

    So it should be written everywhere in very large and highlighted letters that the vulnerability in block templates makes other shortcode vulnerabilities unauth vulnerabilities, which can be very serious.



    I got caught with the “shortcode in templates” changes. I’d created a template and added a shortcode to it so that I could avoid having to add the shortcode to each page of a set of pages. I made changes to my site yesterday where I added the shortcode to each page (600+) to get things working again.

    So I no longer care about the template change. But I do wonder if I’m going to see a further change in the future where shortcodes will be suddenly deprecated even then they’re in the body of page.



    @asjl this is a really good question, and one I’ve been wondering about. Are WP going to remove shortcodes in posts in future?

    Where I can I’ve replaced shortcodes entirely…in templates and elsewhere. There are ways of getting around this issue by putting the shortcodes in a content post block, which is legit because the issue is as far as I understand it with shortcodes in block templates, not shortcodes in the entire ecosystem.

    But I’m wary of doing that cos I suspect WP might get rid of shortcodes in future….which would be a problem for wordpress.com cos don’t they use a lot of them there?

    Also now inserting an audio mp3 or video mp4 native link defaults to the shortcode and not a block…although putting in a shortcode now defaults to the block? It’s not consistent.

    I have a lot of legacy posts which would be hard to update if shortcodes stop working….

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    Hello, same problem. I use the shortcode to work with S2Member plugin and protect some parts of the content. And I made some shortcode myself to show number of posts in a selected category.

    Kit Marsden


    The ‘Template Part’ workaround has solved this for me – at least for now – but I am flabbergasted that such a large and widely-used feature was killed off deliberately with no notice. Unbelievable.



    I’m somehow not being affected. Is it because I’ve got comments and reviews turned off? Or due to my child theme? My site is running TT3 and I’ve got shortcode blocks all over the place in my content, and template.



    WordPress v6.2.2 fixed it, but for how long?



    @gyurmey I thought that was a jape on your part, but it’s not:


    Have they ever just pushed out a spontaneous new release like this?

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    As some of you may have noted, WordPress 6.2.2 was just release, which provides additional hardening to the original security issue, and changes up the logic to allow for shortcodes within site editor templates again.

    The security and editor teams have been working asynchronously through the week since 6.2.1 was released to find a good solution here that would restore the previous shortcode functionality, without re-introducing any the security concern that prompted the initial removal, which is what allowed for such a quick solution to be found.

    This isn’t the first time WordPress has had a rapid followup release, they’re not common, but it all depends on the underlying issue, and how it may impact users.

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    Just applied the core update and can confirm all is well again. Thank you to @clorith and the rest of the Security Team for expediting a swift resolution to this pressing issue! 👏

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    I may have spoken too soon … looks like the content filters are now firing after the shortcodes and injecting <p> and <br> tags. I’ve opened a ticket. Anyone else seeing this?



    Hi @domainsupport , I had the same issue after updating to 6.2.2. I had to fix it with some CSS. Thanks for opening a ticket tho!

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    @martinclement If you have any <textarea> tags output from your shortcode, it plays havoc with them.

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