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  • I’ve set up WordPress a while back and it a nice piece of software; except that it seems that anyone can post whatever random junk comments (usually for various pills, adult websites, gambling etc.) they like on it.

    This is completely off topic from what my website is about, so I’ve set the options that anyone who wants to comment should register first, and all comments should be approved by a moderator.

    Yet still I’m getting streams of often incoherent rubbish posted by bizarrely named users, who definitely didn’t register before posting their silly comments. And it’s only the fact that I’m deleting this rubbish that stops it popping up on my website and getting me in trouble with my web host, whos T&C specifically prohibits adult and offensive material.

    Please fix this bug in the next release, because it’s taking me an awful lot of time to remove all this mess. And I’d much rather be writing interesting articles than dealing with ill-mannered lunatics.

    Additionally, most of these disgusting links seem to be hosted by a domain called I’ve tried complaining to these people to shut down the offending pages, but won’t respond to me, so I’ve escalated the problem to the next tier, a company called and they won’t respond to me either.

    Since you’re the experts, please advice who I can talk to in order to stop this nuisance, until you can fix the issue. Otherwise I’m just going to have to stop using WordPress; because what started out as some fun writing that quite a lot of people seemed to enjoy reading and commenting on is now causing me much too much stress and headache.

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