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  • HI There,

    I am working for a while to setup a few websites for a club.
    I have users which i want to maintain and fill in their own profile info and where i only want the management of the club to maintain certain profile info. Visibility of data is also needed user on role level.

    Here it is that i experienced that the native user management function in wordpress is poor. This is the base of a good blog website usable for many different applications.

    There are many plugins available which i have tested. But none of them really helped me to get a solid user database.

    My request to the wordpress developers is to design the native core user database, profile extension module with different field types, login and frontend registration and user maintenance procedure.
    To create a list of users (frontend with shortcode) with selectable field layout and be able to export them to excel is also needed.

    No i use buddypress with xprofile + woocommerce and many other plugins to create what i want but it is difficult to maintain and still i do not have it like i want. e.g. address info in the woocommerce or in xprofile?

    If the core wordpress contains also address (mail+visit) + telephone info and has the possibility to add profile fields and for each profile field you can decide which role does have access or visibility it will help you to create a solid user database instead of using many plugins.

    Please think about it to create solid user database with good extendable user data.

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    Since everyone wants different things, that’s why we have plugins like xprofile and so on. WordPress stores just what’s required and in fact has been dropping support for things like AIM and Yahoo instead of adding more. All those things can be hooked into by plugins, and then disaplyed (or not) by themes.

    Yes, i can understand that. But a complete user nfo records with minimal the following fields would be the minimum.

    Al other field can be added by the plugins available.
    I am using several plugins and have found a good combination but it is challenge to maintain.

    I struggle with the address and phone number.

    Address fields are added by woocommerce but they do not show up in the profile field of Xprofile in BP. I can add Address Xprofile fields but then the user and the clubadministrator have to maintain two address tables for one user. TO design a front user profile editor combining xprofile and woo commerce data is a challenge.

    There is a tool to sync but for 59USD it is much to expensive.

    In general it would not have been to stupid to design a user field set which is keeping minimal dataset to use wordpress as CRM. i think it is a big improvement and with my survey of many hours already i have found many others to benefit from this.



    very awesome

    I have so far found one site out of all that I’ve done that needs anything close to that information. On 90% of the sites that I’ve worked on asking users for their first and last name is overkill, so having all of that extra info is competely redundant and would only serve to confuse my clients and their users when there’s no need for that much information. As Ipstenu said, that’s plugin territory, and should stay that way.

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