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  • I just created a new WordPress site in my server. Normally, WordPress use MyISAM as the database type. But this time, it created all InnoDB tables! Is this normal? Have WordPress switched to InnoDB in the latest versions?

    By the way, whats the best storage type for WordPress? InnoDB or MYISAM?

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  • By default, WordPress uses the database’s default database type. WordPress doesn’t pick a type, in other words. It just takes what it gets.

    Which is better? Probably InnoDB, especially given recent improvements to the engine. I don’t have a lot of experience with InnoDB, but I have considered converting to it and the concensus does seem to be that InnoDB needs tuning to get good performance out of it– “needs” meaning “has to have”, not just “highly recommended”. However, that is second hand. InnoDB does not support FULLTEXT search like MyISAM does. However MyISAM’s FULLTEXT is so god-awful that that point may be nothing but academic anyway. WordPress does not itself depend on any FULLTEXT features that I am aware of but some plugins might.

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