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    this will help,

    your problem is neither new nor unique. In the future, if you have other problems, its always best to search first.

    The gesture and suggestion are apprectiated and noted. However I did not really know what search terms to use. So, I posted out of desparation. I am SO glad I did not delete my blog though, and I learned something that may be very helpful to someone in the near future. I fixed the issue!! And here is what I did.

    Basically, what I had done was conduct an experiment without realizing what it would do.

    I had followed the instructions in this codex “how-to” guide:

    I did this in order that my blog which is located at could be accessed by typing the root url :

    To accomplish this I uploaded a slightly altered index.php, along with a .htaccess file, to my ROOT directory, which obiously resides one level up from directory (which is where every other wordpress file is located). The combination of the newly placed index.php and htaccess file had the effect of allowing someone to go to and have that URL remain static throughout their browsing experience. It works like a charm.

    However, PodPress does not recognize this. Or if it does I have yet to find out how to make it see as my URL instead of

    This is bad because podpress sends a ton of information to iTunes, including what it THINKS is the wordpress blog url. Since the directory contained no index.php or htaccess file (I had changed them to indexold.php and htaccessold for safe measure), returned a bad url error. Make sense so far?


    Me being the smartass I am, I decided to outthink Podpress. I went into OPIONS and changed the the WordPress address (URI): location from to . My thinking was that this was the only way to get PodPress to send the homepage url I desired to iTunes. That way when people tried to link back to my hp from iTunes, iTunes would send them to, which is where I wanted them to go. Problem is, Podpress kept telling iTunes that my hp url was instead. With me so far?

    So, back to amin options.

    I clicked update options to change the WordPress address (URI): value from to, and when I did…BLAMMO! That was all she wrote.

    All of the sudden none of my links worked. I mean NONE of them. All of my pages had no styles associated with them. Not even my admin pages looked right. For example, had no WP logo image, no styles….nothing.

    Further complicating the issue was this little gem: Everytime I put my mouse over a link I wanted to go to, the browser saw, which of course no longer worked because of my teeny, weeny alteration. I was getting 404 errors everywhere I clicked, or pages with no styles, you name it, I was getting it. All because of that one stupid mistake in Options moments earlier.

    Obviously I had to think fast.

    My first reaction was to delete the blog and start over, but this was an aweful option.

    My second thought was to remove the new index.php and new htaccess files that I had placed in my root. This would force any browser to default to the WELCOME.HTML page in my root, which it did. However, I wanted to fix this problem, so I also needed to go back into (using an ftpprogram )and rename the indexold and htaccessold files back to their original names: index.php and htaccess

    My hope was that when I went to my browser would see the index.php file. It did. Sort of.

    The styles were still gone and this told me that more work needed to be done at the Admin level. This meant that I had to change settings by logging into my blog as admin. But this was not so easily done.

    I had to manually type into my browser and clicked enter, which took me to the login page, sans the styles and images, of course. I clicked login. I got in to my Dashboard. Whew.

    Still, there were no styles, no images. No buttons. Just unstyled text on a white background that ran vertically along the left hand side of my browser window.

    I looked for the link that said OPTIONS and moused over it. I noticed that my status bar on the bottom of my browser was reading instead of . It was clear I would need to manually type all my links if I wanted to navigate this broken site.

    I manually typed to take me to the right page, and it did. Again, no styles, no nothing. Plain text. But at least I was where I needed to be.

    I scrolled way down to locate the WordPress address (URI): field. Inside it was

    I changed WordPress address (URI): field to , left the BLOG address (URI): set to, clicked the update options button, and boom. I had styles, background, everything. I was home again. That fixed it. No need to rebuild the blog, no issues with my database. Nothing.

    However, I still wanted to resolve where I wanted, but without the problems podpress and iTunes were giving me. So, I gave WordPress its root blog directory again. I uploaded index.php and htaccess to my root, but this time I did not alter the primary index.php or htaccess files inside my folder. I left them untouched. That way, if by some chance someone came to by mistake, there was an index.php file inside the folder waiting for them. They could then get into my blog without a problem. In the end, the iTunes link to works, and so does

    which is what the search engines will see.

    Resolved. Hope this helps.

    Thanks again.

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