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  • My hosting provider ( has nginx and apache in configuration. While I can setup max_execution_time for apache to allow upgrade to run for a long time, nginx waits for answer from Apache for only 60 seconds and there is no way for me to tune it (it breaks connection after this time and PHP script stops executing because of this). My hoster says, that he will not tune nginx for me (and for all other clients, that has the same problem). Bad for him, but I think WordPress devs can help here also.

    May be it’s ok to add ignore_user_abort(true) to upgrade.php script to allow WordPress to execute update even if browser connection was closed? Or make this as an option on screen, where you need to select FTP details on WordPress upgrade for the user to be able to choose desired behavior?

    Do you have such a problem and what do you think about suggested solution? Should I file a feature request at WordPress Trac?

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