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  • Some people run WordPress on shared hosts, with shared resources.

    When I use the auto-update feature, most of the times it fails due to timeout errors (the whole wordpress install and unpacking takes too much time and resources).

    This could be simplified by only downloading the modified files (using the WordPress SVN to compare versions for example). If some files are removed, they could be deleted too. But updating files with no modifications is plain useless.

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    When I use the auto-update feature

    Well THERE’S your problem. Don’t use auto-update. The whole download is 3.0 MB’ish. If that’s too resource intensive then your shared hosting is going to be a problem sooner than later.

    (using the WordPress SVN to compare versions for example)

    If your savvy enough to use SVN, then I suggest you use it. I do and I’ve never had a problem. I did have plugin issues (once) but that was a simple fix for me.

    You may have already read up on it, but Ipstenu wrote up a really good technical description of what happens and how. Step #4 is the cool part.

    I don’t use auto-update, at least not those on shared hosts.

    However, if this suggestion would be implemented, it should make the whole update process quicker and easier for ALL the WP users (not only those on shared hosts).

    I think that won’t solve anything.
    You have to now download the zip, extract it, and copy the files over the old ones. So you are offering to add file comparing to that process and I think that’s a performance killer. If for downloading you mean only the changed files, that is useful only for if you are constantly updating your nightly builds version.

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    This is something they’re working on. Upgrades and patches and all that. It’s tricky to keep it all in sync, but they ARE aware of it and working on it.

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