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  • I have noticed that all my WP sites no longer complete updates as they used to. Whenever plugins or themes require updating and the update is initiated – the admin page times-out / stops responding before the operation is complete.

    In spite of this it appears that the updates have been applied. When re-visiting the updates area the updates are no longer pending.

    It does not happen with translation updates – which give a completion confirmation message.

    I’ve tried running updates with 2015 theme and all plugins disabled and no cache – same behaviour.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Is this a bug in the latest version of WP? I wasn’t experiencing this before.

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    I finally found the cause of this (at least for me). The problem was caused by zlib.output_compression. If this is disabled in php.ini the issue is resolved.

    If you are running LiteSpeed you need to use the ‘Restart Detached PHP Processes’ option after editing the php.ini file.

    Gzip compression can be enabled via browser settings of a caching plugin.

Viewing 16 replies (of 16 total)
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