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  • Hello,

    After a WordPress update my Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is acting differently. My
    tags are being ignored, if I try to add them in again they disappear. I’ve never been able to view the ‘visual’ view in the widget so nothing’s changed there.

    I’ve disabled all plug ins and still the same result.

    I’ve replaced br with
    and <div> and <p>line 1</p> but they all have the same issue.

    Am I missing anything obvious?


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  • …the issue is on several pages, see the bullet point section here:


    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi there,
    please could you explain better your problem? It’s not clear and I think the forum “ate” a few pieces of your first message. Consider that WordPress editor (TinyMCE) performs HTML rewriting when you switch back and forth from visual view to text view. This is not dependant on our plugin, you may verify that the same happens when editing usual posts/pages.

    By the way in the website you linked I cannot see any widget created with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, but I only see native plain text widgets.
    Please be sure to check our FAQ.

    My paragraphs have suddenly turned into breaks (
    ) so I end up having to hit the return key twice. (See the sidebars on this site.)

    Maybe I’m missing something but when the plugin was “Black Studio TinyMCE Widget” everything seemed to work fine. Now that it’s “Visual Editor” the paragraphs aren’t working. (Or is it the new version of WP that’s causing this?)

    Any advice?



    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi Don,
    if you upgraded from version 1.x to 2.x, there could be some minor differences in paragraph handling. I’d suggest you to play with the “Automatically add paragraphs” option and see if you can reach the desired result.
    Do you notice any difference in paragraph handling when you work in post/page edit and in widgets?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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