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  • I updated my wordpress to the latest version and now my ‘visual’ tab is a blank square that I can’t add text to and it does not respond when I click on the ‘text’ tab (in pages or posts). Basically, I can’t create or edit any posts anymore.

    Obviously this is a huge problem and makes my site completely unworkable- does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • WordPress mods say the theme and the new wordpress 3.9 are not compatible.

    Some say deactivate all plugin and check.

    Others say nothing works. (which includes me)

    If nothing works manually switch back to WordPress 3.8.3 and pray WordPress release a fix since we cannot go ask our theme developers to fix it, as most themes we use are old and free ones.

    Check this page to switch back version. Might help


    I actually just de-activated/re-activated all my plugins and it seems to be a problem with ziplist- the plugin that manages my recipes. I am not sure what to do because if I deactivate it, my site becomes useless (all of my recipes disappear) and if I re-activate it, I can’t add anything new because of the issue with the visual editor….

    Since you have now pinpointed the issue by yourself open a support ticket to the plugin developer and request a update – fix.

    Here some of the ziplist plugin users already notified the issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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