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  • Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    Thank you for pointing that out Jessica. This happened when the latest version of WordPress updated to the latest version of jQuery. I have fixed the issue and released version 3.7.6 of the calendar. That should resolve this problem.

    Still seems to be broken. I see following error message:

    An error occurred while loading the calendar:

    The calendar was not able to parse the data your blog returned about the posts. This error is most likely caused by a conflict with another plugin on your blog. The actual parse error was:

    JSON.parseIt is not a function

    An error occurred while loading the calendar: undefined

    (Nevermind…lol…it really is some other plugin).

    Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    So is everything working now?


    Today I found several similar errors related to various plugins, Editorial Calendar among them. When I tried to enter the calendar, nothing appeared.

    To solve them I installed the plugin “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” and it indicates that there are several errors related to Editorial Calendar:

    /wp-content/plugins/editorial-calendar/lib/edcallib.min.js: jQuery.browser is deprecated
    /wp-content/plugins/editorial-calendar/lib/edcallib.min.js: jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated; use the .length property

    These two errors appear repeated almost 80 times when I access the plugin page on my website. I put a screenshot on

    Now I can use Editorial Calendar perfectly, but if I uninstall “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” the calendar stops working.

    I hope this information will be useful.

    I have a hosted WordPress blog with and I am using this Editorial Calendar plugin. All it shows me is a blank page with a narrow little rounded rectangle and a spinning wheel above it. I removed and re-installed the plugin. Is it not supposed to work with hosted wordpress 5.5 ?

    Sorry for another message – but looks like WordPress 5.5 broke my editor too. It no longer lets me switch between visual text and html code, it does not let me add a picture and so on. So may be it is not something wrong with this plugin alone ? I have come to love this plugin and rely on it every single day. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to the hint of @jorgeletralia, my calendar works again. But without it, the same problem as others stated.

    I updated the calendar already, but no change.

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    Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    You shouldn’t need to use the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin to get the calendar to work. If you go to the calendar test blog here you can see the latest version of the calendar working with WordPress 5.5:

    The issues being reported by the migrate helped won’t impact the calendar.

    @jorgeletralia, can you please give me more information about the errors you were seeing with the calendar when you didn’t have the migrate helper plugin enabled.

    Same issue here – on two different websites…
    Seems like the errors being reported are:

    wp-content/plugins/editorial-calendar/lib/edcallib.min.js: jQuery.browser is deprecated
    wp-content/plugins/editorial-calendar/lib/edcallib.min.js: jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated; use the .length property

    Update – wanted to second the post that recommended “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” – as that helped restore functionality. Just letting you all know.

    Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    I’m glad you were able to restore functionality @hoboken411. Can you please tell me more about what happened for you without the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin enabled? What errors were you seeing?

    I forget the exact phrase – but the calendar failed to load entirely. Sorry I didn’t take a screen shot. If you really need me to, I can probably disable the Enable Jquery Migrate Helper to get the error back.

    Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    Thanks for all the help diagnosing this problem. I’ve just released version 3.7.7 of the calendar which should remove these warnings and still work with and without the migration helper plugin.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Hi, @zgrossbart

    Thanks for your fine work!

    I disabled the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin and updated Editorial Calendar to version 3.7.7. Your plugin is working perfectly. I was even able to schedule a new entry.

    However, I reactivated the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin, just for one last check, and it showed 70 alert messages. Here is a screenshot in case you need this information:



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