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  • Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    I checked this on my environments and it works as expected. Please check your custom code or environment, clear caches, etc.

    Still not working and trying every single thing you mentioned on your webpage. Shows up with or without ad block… please assist me further – thanks.

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    do I understand you correctly and you built custom code around the plugin? In this case, here is not the place to ask for help unless there is a problem with the raw plugin.
    If you are referring to the article I wrote on, please have a look at the recent comments or use the comment or contact field there.


    I’ve tried the javascript code and php code – both to document.write / echo out “ad block” detected message and they either don’t display the message or they display the message to both ad block and non block visitors. I feel it’s to do with the raw plugin.

    And yes I’ve used that page too and tried the comments before I messaged you on here.

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    did you use a timeout like in

    Yes I did and that in the widget that didn’t set out correctly with document.write

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    On which domain is this running?

    It’s not on there right now because I’m keeping it off until it’s properly working.

    I’m using the Enhanced Text Plugin which allows Javascript / PHP / Shortcodes etc and just need it to show up before Google Ads etc. and have tried it in the plugin again, functions etc but no luck!

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    You should use the code from gist in a theme file like header.php, single, php, etc. Also try to enable WP_DEBUG and check js error in Firebug. Maybe there was some other js broken before.

    what I can test is set up a clean WordPress installation with version 3.8.1, install BlockAlyzer and put the code in any template file and test it with Firefox and AdBlock enabled. If this works I am not able to help you here.

    It’s still not working and exhausting out many options – please assist me further. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still trying even with functions.php and no luck – still shows adblock message on ie and google even with ie still showing adblock and advertisements…

    There is still this issue to resolve, have tried it on a local wordpress site and it’s still not showing anything!

    The coding I’m using is the following:

    if ( defined('BA_ADBLOCK_ENABLED') && BA_ADBLOCK_ENABLED == true )
    echo "no adblock please";

    I’m still adamant it’s the wordpress update that’s the issue – please look further into this so I can start to use this again please. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    I checked it with WP 3.9 and found no bigger problem. There is a slight issue with saving the counter method though. Go to Settings > BlockAlyzer and save the settings (again). At least one counting method needs to be active.

    If this doesnโ€™t do the trick, please check, if the Cookie “BaAdBlock” is set in your browser to “enabled” if AdBlock is on.

    If both is true, please come back here.

    I’ve only got the Stats Method which is enabled and Benchmark showing up in my Block=Alyzer settings but BaAdBlock is set to enabled.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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