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  • I know Matt already linked this on his blog, but I’d quite like it if people here could give me feedback on what they thought, and ways to develop it.

    Touched is an inline editing plugin that, well, allows you to edit the page, inline. It’s early days, but it works fine now. Eventually I’m hoping to make it a lot more configurable.

    Comments? Suggestions? Sacrifices of first born?

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  • very nice – at least it looks promising/ Aren’t you on Fnet as well? Maybe that’s another DarkCryst, there amny of you around…


    No that is me. I’m on Fnet. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen a DarkCryst that isn’t me turn up. What’s your nick on Fnet?

    It would be the same as here 🙂 Though I tend not to frequent the bar there anymore since I no longer use their services anymore.

    Now would this plugin work with pages? In theory I would assume it does, but obviously don’t know for sure. Is it the intention to make this a fully featured plugin or to be only used in moderation. For example, quick changes rather than large changes – if the latter, then quick tags would probably be welcomed. If it’s the former, then how about adding the add custom field? Or the option to change it from published to draft.

    Say a user posts something and then decides they want to revoke the post? Perhaps I’m thinking too far ahead, it may be too much for something that isn’t meant to replace the main editing area:)

    The answer is somewhere inbetween.

    Quicktags (and any dynamic content) are rather hard because the uick tags load when the page is called. The page is called NOT when it is displayed but, because of the way AJAX works, before that. Therefore the quicktags JS doesn’t execute in the page.

    There are ways of working around that though.. however its on the bottom of the list.

    It’s not designed to be a replacement for the edit page, so I’m not going to try and duplicate everything. The Custom Field area is one that is also waaaaay at the bottom of the list – mostly because of the way WP handles and outputs the custom fields in the post form make them a real pain in the ass to work with in JavaScript.

    Publish to Draft would be easy to do, but rather pointless – you’ve already published the post! Changing it back to draft probably means you want the added functionality of the edit screen.

    However I plan to modularise it so, if someone REALLY wants that, they can have it 😉

    Lack of detailed README is pain in the arse for beginners, who don’t even have any knowledge of php programmings or javascripts. What is written on your website at this time is very very limited and not helping that much unfortunately.

    I’ve added to my blog but nothing seems to be appearing on the site. Perhaps I may need some extra resource on my server to run this kind of script. (I’m actually in need of hiring dedicated php programmar though…)

    Anyway, I hope users of this plugin will contribute more information and its usages, letting any WP users to play with. And I think this is one of the MUST plugin for the core distribution!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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