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    Not sure who Denise is (maybe at HostGator?) WordPress (here) doesn’t send you anything – it’s from your install of WP.

    See if one of these methods will work for changing your password:



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    I just looked at your site (tried to) and it won’t come up – it looks like you just recently registered the domain name? It may a bit of time to work.

    I am using WP through hostgator. And I evidently have an account here as well since they sent me the email. Let me check, brb. Ok, the “return” seems to be hostgator/wordpress, hmm, so it’s a hostgator issue. Thank you much, for your response. I don’t feel alone here;) I’m Denise by the way and it is nice to meet you WPyogi:) thanks again, I’ll try the link:)



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    LOL – sorry, I misread that last line :). Nice to meet you too!

    LOL, oh, I see how you could read it wrong the dumb way I wrote it, LOL!! My site comes up for me but I can’t get into the editing area. They had to reset the nameservers yesterday but that took care of that much:) Ok, I will go harass HG for awhile! See you later and thanks again, Denise

    Denise –

    Double check your email’s spam folder. Your new WordPress site (congrats!) will often send you automated messages like “Here’s your new password” or “You’ve got a new comment” – sometimes these automated messages end up in Spam.

    The article that @wpyogi linked to is good, but if you just can’t cut through the tech, Hostgator’s typically got some good support – so I’d suggest what I suggest to many people – get on the phone with them and stay on there til you get the problem resolved and you can login to your site.

    Good luck! And let us know what you did to solve the issue. 🙂

    Thank you Jak, I have everything setup now. I really appreciate your reply though and it is good to know you guys are around if I run into any probs. I found a good tutorial on youtube (Lisa somebody) and it is helping me step by step set up my site although I only was able to watch a tiny bit today. I did decide to take her recommend and use the 2012 template, I think that’s the latest? I like it so far and very customizable:)

    Thank you again!! Denise

    So I also have a similar issue as Denise. Signed up to WP through Hostgator and have received all the details I require via email. However, when I use the WP-admin link provided I just receive a message saying that Google cannot find my URL. My understanding is, upon registration, this could take a while. But my question is; How long? An hr, two hrs, 24hrs, a couple of days – can anyone advise?

    All comments appreciated!

    Thank you.


    @andybloor: It is impolite to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread with a question of your own. It causes significant problems for the forum’s volunteers and prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Please post your own topic.

    Hi Andy,

    Have you gone to the “chat live” in Hostgator. If not, I suggest it because that is what I did. Tell them, if they don’t mention it themselves, that you think the nameservers need to be checked, see if they are pointed correctly. That was my first problem.

    Thank next problem was that he had to re-download the WP and give me a new email with new password.

    I hope this helps. Mine works wonderfully now:) Let me know if you have any questions about contacting hostgator folks on chat, it’s in the cpanel in I think the second section down. Denise

    esmi – apologies, my question was related to Denise’s issues and it wasn’t my intention to be impolite in anyway. Not good for my first post 🙁

    Denise – Thank you very kindly for your response. I will follow up on your advise.

    Hi again Andy, I wasn’t aware of that rule either but I am a beginner here as well:) I hope you can get it resolved as quickly as I did, Hostgator was right on top of the problem:) I love WordPress and I am finding tons of info/tutorials to help me navigate the dashboard, as well as people here:)


    Its all good now. Thank you Denise. Apparently the domain was pointing to the wrong server for my account. Nice to get some friendly advise from this forum.

    Thanks esmi 😉

    Oh wow, that was exactly what happened with mine:) I am so glad I was able to help you Andy!! Now you can pay it forward, yeehaw!!


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