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  • One thing I have been struggling with when designing a theme is getting the data. For example I have found myself writing code to display information in the sidebar related to the post. Having to retrieve the data then, can be a search sometimes to find the working code. Recently I discovered that some if not all of this information can also be retrieved through query_posts.

    And the following alfa code was born. The code fetches variables such as parent category, custom taxonomy terms, but also post fields such as the post date or slug.

    Unfortunately the pastebin was down, so the code can be found here. (I hope that is o.k.)

    Please feel free to contribute. I value your input. If you do contribute please keep the code at a basic level. This so that it makes it easier for people to see what variable does what. The only goal of this file is to be a template to start building queries from.

    Hopefully we can create a standard template from which one can easily select variables to be used while designing.

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