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  • Moderator James Huff


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    Thanks for the tip. I’ve added it to the Codex list.

    Ups. =) I was not shure if the theme-forum is only for problems installing themes or one can announce new templates too. 😉

    Thanks XeroCool for finding my theme and thanks macmanx for adding it to the list.


    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Glad to be of service. ^_^ And, feel free to announce new themes here whenever you like.

    Updated the theme so it works in Safari 1.2. Thanks to Makki for the solution. Hope it still looks good in all others browers. *g* So, testing is always welcome. =)


    In Firefox 1.0.3 on my Mac you don’t get a smooth bevelled ‘Send (Abschicken)’ button on the comments page like you do in Safari. And drop shadows do not appear in the ‘search’ window, or the ‘comments’ windows. What you get instead in Firefox is just a flat window and a flat ‘Send (Abschicken)’ word. Can this be corrected?

    Trout, it ist intended to look flat, since I’ve modified the buttons and comment areas via CSS. So if you can see the soft-buttons, shadows and so on, it’s because Safari didn’t unterstand all parts of CSS. If you want to change that, you must remove the ‘border’-statements in

    #s, #submit and #comment in the style.css

    Still lovin’ it, Jowra! Using it at right now, with just a bit of tweaking….

    I’ve seen it vkaryl and it looks great. =)

    Thanks for using it. The weather-function is nice and also the header-logo, since the standard-header-text was only meant as a dummy. So everyone should feel free to add a logo or something like that. 😉

    I just can’t help tweakin’, y’know? The only other li’l thing was “Eingeloggt als” for “Logged in as” in comments.php….

    theme looks great.

    Thanks Jowra. I understand now. 🙂

    The theme looks good, but why the archive pages talk a different language other than English.

    Why dont you make one ‘All English’ theme ?


    Sadish, it should be an “all-english” theme and I’m still removing some german words, but since this theme was originally not planned to be released to the community, I modified it for my own blog and that one is in german, you know. 😉 Are there still some german leftovers in the archiv pages? *argh* I’ll check this immediatly.

    I’ve updated the Relaxation-Theme slightly. Hopefully removed all the german phrases (not really, hum? 😉 ) , added my own-style comment-numbers and fixed some css. Afaik, the theme should now look quite equal in all the standard-browsers under windows, mac and linux (if not, please tell me) and should validate as XHTML 1.1 and correct CSS. Oh… and I’ve added a slightly different set of background-images (top2.gif, middle2.gif, bottom2.gif), which you may rename to replace the old ones – if you like. =)

    And I have added my folderblog-template as it is. It is included in the zip-file.

    You can download it here, but the old link is updated too.


    In Safari 1.3 on Mac the right-side column of Relaxation drops again like this. You corrected it on the last release (thanks to Makki). Can it be corrected again? Or rather, how can I correct it?

    Also, I would love to know how do you get the new folderblog-template to work with Relaxation? I seem to be having trouble getting it working. Questions questions… 🙂

    Trout, I know the problem. But I have no mac and couln’d try any css-tweaking in safari. There are some screenshot generators out there, but its a pain to change a line of css-code and test it, change another line and test … and so on. The solution by Makki doesn’t work anymore and I have no clue why. 🙁

    Its a css-floating-bug in Safari, but I haven’t found enough information about that yet. So, if anyone with a mac could get his hands on this problem, it would be really appreciated. I think the problem is located somewhere here (style.css):

    #wrapper {

    float: left;


    #sidebar {

    float: right;


    Safari has some Problems with nested DIVs and especially with the float: left/right-construct. Hoping that anyone finds a solution to this issue…



Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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