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  • I have a few questions so ill just number them.

    1) What are the main bonuses of upgrading to the newest wordpress version? What was wrong with my old version 2.0.5? Basically, is it worth it?

    2) on my site when I go to click on a topic or on a archive by month, the posts are posted in full. On most other wordpress sites it will only show a four or five line intro and make you click on the link to read the rest of that post… I want to only show 4 or 5 lines like the rest of the blogs. What code do I have to alter to change this?

    3) At the top, the menu that lists the pages, Whenever I create a subpage underneath one of those, it lists it right on that menu. How can I make it only visible on that main after you click on the parent? Ie, say under the “About Nabloid” I have a subpage called “Copyright”, I only want the “Copyright” shown after you click on the “About Nabloid” .. right now if I create a sub-page it is visible at the top all the time and looks just like the parent link.

    Thanks a million!!!

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  • whooami



    1. Have you read this?

    If having a hacked site sounds like fun..
    Ignorance is bliss, after all.


    3. I’ll let somebody else handle that one.

    Thanks for the first two answers to my questions – that was the page I was requesting, telling me what the update was for.

    I am still looking for an answer to that third question.

    If they are children Pages – use the “depth” parameter in the wp_list_pages.

    Oh, that would only exclude them from showing up on the top menu… if you had a normal theme. Yours is a different animal, sorry.
    For your theme my post above doesn’t apply.

    Okay, thanks.

    Anyone else???

    But is it possible to do this on wordpress? have you seen other themes do it? Where the child shows up on that menu only when your on the parent’s page?

    Yes, I have seen it, although the children usually show up as a second line, below… or in a drop-down menu… or appear on the sidebar only when on the parent Page…

    It has been asked many times:
    (also try similar keywords)

    I have a question about my #2 above. I tried using excerpts and that works as long as I put some text in my excerpt field. Is it possible to have my front page (main blog page) show the entire article while the other pages just show the excerpt? Now, when I do an excerpt field it shows just the excerpt on the main page too… I want full article on main page, excerpts on the rest.

    What would the code have to be so that the main page ignores the excerpt and posts the entire article?

    I tried using excerpts and that works as long as I put some text in my excerpt field.

    That’s not how WP is working out of the box. It might also be related to your theme, which is a PITA to modify… that’s why not too many people jumping in 🙁

    Out of the box WP is working in this way:
    – if in a template file (index.php, archive.php etc.) the_excerpt template tag is used > WP will take the first X number of words (120?) of the post and display it as an excerpt… unless you put something in the Excerpt field. If there is anything typed in that field, it will be displayed.
    – if in the template file you have the_content tag > the whole post will be shown

    I have to repeat myself: all this is true and applies to any normal theme. Your theme is not using standard WP functions, so I don’t know how it will react to changes described above.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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