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  • Like so many other posters in the forum, I am new to WordPress. I have been building websites for over 10 years and thought I would finally see what all the hype is about and make a WordPress site, Plainfield Today

    I hate to make it sound like I am complaining, but it seems like WordPress should really be more polished and have some of the most obvious elements of web design included. I suppose to the propeller heads that dig code and really don’t see websites from an end user’s perspective, this will seem like minutia, but here are a few of my big complaints with WordPress:

    1) There is a gray avatar that automatically shows up all over, but cannot be changed by uploading one of your own. Expecting typical site visitors to wander off to some 3rd party site like gravatar to upload one is ridiculous.

    2) Right across the top of each page there are horizontal links that lead to static pages. OMG – If I wanted that I could build a regular static website. Then to make matters worse, almost like a practical joke, the dynamic content that one would expect to see is hidden away in these secondary links that appear wherever, (mine are on the lower left), called “catagories”. I have found no way to make the links at the top, (the ones site vistors will expect to use), point o my dynamic content consisting of posts and comments that are hidden from view in catagories.

    Sorry guys, I am sure that creating software is not easy, but it would be cool if before something like WordPress gets released to the public, that it actually looks and acts like a website…

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  • It’s clear WordPress isn’t the problem – your theme is! Yes, you can replace the “gray avatar that automatically shosw up all over”.

    The “horizontal links that lead to static pages” are controlled and formatted by your theme – they’ve got nothing to do with WordPress’s capabilities.

    If you’re planning on making “the links at the top” point to your posts and comments you will run out of space very quickly. What I believe you mean is that you want your categories to display in “the links at the top”. Once again – that is controlled by your theme.

    I suggest you start by looking at other WordPress websites, see what template’s closest to your needs, and then proceed from there. I’m building my first template now, and I’m amazed by the power and versatility of WordPress. Just dig deeper – you’ll be amazed! And don’t settle for just any old template…

    Well… The avatar thing I will ask the theme designer about. I found plug-ins for the avatar upload, unfortunately they do not work globally throughout the site, (for example I can upload an avatar to my main blog profile, but then need to do it separately for the Mingle Plug-in.)

    The navigation problem I found a solution for:
    This is what solved for me. The Blog in Blog plug in was the answer and worked perfectly!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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