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  • dragonsjaw


    Does anyone understand this error message:

    Warning: /home/******/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-text-message//59944a91f6256dd6c1f8b1a4190eeb56.spc is not writeable in /home/******/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-text-message/ on line 1774

    I have changed permissions on both the .inc file and on the whole wp-text-message folder.. and still no joy.

    Odd, I just searched on this part:
    and found links to other sites parent directorys..
    guess I will move on from this plug in.

    Seems so simple.. why isn’t there one out there that works?

    @dragonsjaw – try the latest 2.03 release, works with WP 3.3

    most of the other SMS plugins do different things

    of course it’s for marketing, why else would people subscribe for SMS updates?

    plugin works fine, tested on Hostgator, Dreamhost, Bluehost, 1&1, godaddy, etc.

    Well a very good use (way better than marketing) would be SMS for emergency notifications. I haven’t played around with this since the last post, will get the latest version and do some testing.

    your use is noted, but something a website owner would use for themselves. This plugin is for update notifications to website visitors. If it was for SMS emergency notifications is would be, well…a different plugin.

    Using this plugin for a while now and it was hit or miss as to whether or not it wanted to send out messages. Now after a clean install of both wordpress and the new WordPress Text Message plugin (2.06), I am confused. When I attempt to send out a text message, the message remains in the queue either “forever” or 10 minutes. When I say “Forever”, it either won’t send and just remain in the queue or take upwards of an hour to send. Other time it will send immediately or 5, 10, or 20 minutes. Is there something that I am missing as to how this thing is supposed to work? NOTE: I am simply sending the message to my own phone to test this.

    WordPress cron is not the same as Unix cron. With a UNIX cron job, the operating system uses the cron job (that you’ve scheduled) to do something at a specific time and date.

    WordPress cron allows you to schedule things at a specific time / date / interval – but it gets triggered in the background (at that time and date) when a WordPress page is called.

    In other words – let’s say you have a plugin scheduled to do something “in 20 minutes”, but you don’t get a lot of traffic to your website, and the next time you get a page hit is in 30 minutes. The WordPress cron will run 10 minutes late.

    So the reason the WordPress text message plugin would send out SMS messages immediately, or in 5, 10, or 20 minutes depends on how busy your site is.

    @Totalbouty…. Thank you for the response, but here is my issue. I have modified and added cron jobs on both WordPress and on my server. The plugin is still not sending any messages. Yes, now it will not send at all (both before and after creating cron jobs). To ensure that it wasn’t my site, I recreated another wordpress site using only what was provided with the install. The only Plugin that I added was the WordPress Text Message from Total Bounty. Again completely clean install. Everytime I attempted to send a message, it just gets stuck in the Queue. You are now thinking that this has to be a server issue on my side……. Well I downloaded and installed another SMS plugin from another provided via WordPress and it works every single time, instantainiously. I have used WordPress Text Message for over 2 years (started with Semper-Fi). The first year it worke great everytime. The second year when it was re-written, it was sporatic. And now it won’t work at all with the latest release. Not sure what the issue is but I just sent myself 4 messages and all came through immediatly with the other SMS plugin.

    @cdberkman There’s nothing special about our plugin – it sends email out the same way as any other WordPress plugin that uses the email function. It may be a server issue – it’s really hard to say.

    We can fix major issues that we can replicate, but had the problems you describe. What webhost are you using? I’m glad the other plugin works for, if it’s a server issue maybe the other plugin is your best option.

    Not that it’s consolation to you – but we’ve nearly 3,000+ downloads in the last month – and your complaint is the only single one of this nature (so far). If we get any others we can investigate, but to date we don’t have any.

    @totalbounty. Again, Thanks for the feedback. I am currently using Dreamhost, and have been with them for the last 12 years. SMS is critical to the WordPress install (3.3.1) that I am using and the only one that requires it. I unfortunately cannot provide the site name or link as it is a privacy issue. In any case I am glad that it is working for others and appreciate your help. That said, I have attempted hundreds of plugin installs, and 9 times out of 10, they simply don’t work. I will usually not respond to the makers of the plugin. I don’t expect “free” to work all the time. The only reason why I am providing feedback, is because I have been using this plugin for such a long time and it went from working to not.

    Again thanks!

    @cdberkman – if you’ve installed hundreds of plugins and 9 times out of 10 they don’t work, you have to consider if there’s an issue on your end. We’ve been doing WordPress since 2005 and building websites for 17 years. I don’t know your entire situation, but 2 things that resonate with me are the fact that (it sounds like) you’ve been on the same shared webhost server for a very long time. Also, it sounds like you’ve possibly been on the same WordPress database for a very long time (updated again and again through multiple versions).

    I don’t know your experience level with either development or WordPress, but nearly every time you install a plugin you add database entries (and in most cases) new tables. Even if you just try it for a few minutes, and then delete it (the tables and entries remain). The standard WP install has less than a dozen db tables – if you’ve installed hundreds of plugins – you could have 80-100+ tables, in additional to hundreds of extra records in the options tables. Plugins are written by different developers that set their own naming conventions (that sometimes conflict). All I’m saying is – we see more conflicts with a setup like this, than a new WP installation. We also have 10x more issues with a WP website that has been upgraded over time through multiple versions, than a fresh install. The same can be said for an older webserver (in most cases).

    You may or may not want to do this, but (if we were you) we would get a $5 account at hostgator on a new server, export your db and content – create a new db on hostgator, import your db and content, and add fresh versions of your theme and plugins one by one. I guarantee that updated version of your website will run completely different. We only know this because we fixed hacked websites all the time – and this is how we do it (export content, fresh db). We noticed how much better the sites run (and the excessive db tables on existing sites) – so we started doing it for aging sites needing a tuneup.

    Whether you love your webhost or not, the hardware and OS might be aging and patched to infinity and beyond (as well as your WordPress db).

    In regards to the plugin and previous version, the very old version from Semper FI is still available – bugs, security holes, and all. We didn’t take over his version, we forked his plugin into a new one.

    @jtprattmedia. Appreciate the feedback and your resonance with what I stated in my post is my fault. I have been building websites for 12 years now and with that said, I have been using WordPress and Joomla for a few years now. I build and maintain numerous sites/domains using both programs. Straight to the point though. Because I thought that it may have been the install that was causing the problem, I installed WordPress under an new domain. No custom templates, no packaged plugin/themes. Completely bare bones install with only WordPress Text Message. When I say that I have installed hundreds of plugins, I have done this over time using different domains and installs. I am not using the same databases/tables etc. I also have a domain that I use strictly for testing in the event something doesn’t work on one of my sites. The whole background behind this thread was not to say anything bad about the plugin. The issue may be between Dreamhost and the plugin. I just don’t know. But I did find a plugin that sends SMS messages immediately with absolutely no issues. I understand that not everything will work with every single host.

    @cdberkman No problem at all – we always try to get some background because (as you prob already know) a great bulk of the time the issue is another plugin conflict, bloated db, webserver settings – etc.

    All in all very few complaints / issues come up with this plugin. In the past there were maybe 2 inquiries about sending out emails (to sms), and we had initially thought it was the way the plugin sent out emails (and the reply to field). We were told by some sys admins on different hosts that it was some kind of “x-mailer issue” (again the differences in webhosts and how they send out email). When the latest updates were made – we checked the plugin (and the way it sends out emails) to make sure it was working the same as other email notification and sms plugins (and it was). So to that effect, if there is an issue (besides webhost mail server settings) we haven’t been able to find it.

    Sounds like on your end it is a webhost issue if another plugin works and ours doesn’t (on a new install). My suggestion was get a $5 account on another host and do the barebones test to see if it works (to confirm it).

    Hope that helps.

    I have a site where I have been using this plugin for 2 years now and its been working fine. All of sudden it is no longer showing on the sidebar – the template has not been changed, it appears in the backend in widgets and not on the live site – weird. Has this happened to anyone else? I have deactivated and deleted and uploaded a new fresh version of the plugin hoping maybe that would do the trick but…alas…it did not.

    ‘’ is the website and it was in the right sidebar, however as you can see its not showing up

    any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

    @lpgalady – this plugin hasn’t been available in the repository for 2 years.

    having said that – no we haven’t seen this. Could be latest version of WP conflicting with your theme and/or the plugin.

    hmmmm interesting…however that doesn’t answer my question.
    Ok so the plugin maybe was more than 1 year but less than 2 years.

    its not showing on the sidebar and the template has remained the same for the entire time – are you saying the WP upgrade to 3.3 could be why it is not showing any longer.

    I noticed earlier in the week that I was directed to a Total Bounty website for support forums on this plugin – I take it that is YOU..however when I posted something there I received no response which is why I came here to try to get this resolved.

    So basically I will need to do without this plugin or use another SMS plugin that works 🙂 too bad there is no solution for this issue.

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