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    A week later I’m still having random 404 errors on images at random times (that go away with a refresh and come back with another refresh).

    I’m also still having plugins download then “file does not exist” when trying to activate.

    Does WP not feature a support number? I will literally pay them to fix this problem as I’m aging rapidly and losing hair and brain cells because of it.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Plugin wise, and this may sound crazy, but I think my WordPress site is running two different instances at a time. I can refresh and see that 10 plugins need updating, and refresh again and see that 34 plugins (most deactivated) need updating. So it’s as if the plugins and images are being uploaded to one database and another database picks and chooses when it wants to show its face (404 image errors and “plugin file not found”)

    WordPress is open source software. It does not come with any support or warranty. These are services that could be offered by your web host, so I’d recommend getting in contact with them first.

    Dion Hulse


    Meta Developer

    Hi @karmatrevis,

    Looking at this and your other thread, it sounds like you’re having hosting related issues, you should contact your webhost and mention the issues you’re seeing. They should be able to point you in the right direction at least of where to look.

    503/504 errors are most definitely not caused by WordPress, and plugins/images disappearing and re-appearing doesn’t sound like WordPress – it sounds like the data WordPress is accessing/reading is sometimes not there or unavailable – all hosting-related issues.

    Interestingly, I think I may have seen your site act up when I first visited it. I thought maybe it was a CDN issue of some sort but when I reloaded then it was fine and I didn’t see any references to a CDN in any of your resources.

    One question? Are you running JetPack? Do you have Photon enabled?

    Another would be are you running a cache plugin with some CDN service enabled?

    A third question is are you running an auto-optimize plugin like Auto-Optimize itself?

    I also noticed your DNS points to two IPs which is considered a ‘Round Robin’ load balancer. That’s okay if it works but I wondered if one of those two IP addresses might be flakey.

    You also have an A record set for your www well-known service name and don’t have an A record set for the root domain. That’s usually okay but I’m old school and was taught A record for the root domain and a CName (or A record) for the www. Minor point but I like things set up that way and let the server, the WordPress rewrite engine, and htaccess sort that stuff out.

    I’m hoping you’re on Apache but the above is still valid.

    Have a good chat with AWS about your problems… I think that’s a good place to start.

    If they don’t know of anything on their end then look at settling on one or the other IP addresses for a while unless AWS tells you not to.

    I also found your server didn’t want to cooperate with my tools here to show me your plugins and such. That’s okay but I couldn’t see your plugins which means I have no clue if there’s anything odd in the manifest.

    You are also on PHP 7.0.X… you probably should be on 7.2.X or higher (7.3.X)!

    Let us know if we can help further.

    One other thing is…

    I see a redirect to port 443 which is right for https but I’m wondering why it is showing that as a redirect. Is there something in your htaccess or Nginx config causing that? Or causing that to be visible?

    I’m under the impression the https protocol forces that port anyway so why is there a redirect?

    Also, are you running on IIS on Windows? I don’t know if AWS even offers Windows servers.

    And one more point.

    This IP address,, has an issue with some of your theme’s graphics buttons. That’s the social media buttons at the top of the page. The links are broken in those, too.

    When you get done (fixing the other stuff) you might point an HTTrack at the site and let it run for a while. Then look through the error log when it’s finished watching for problems.

    An old PC with Windows is all you need for running that.

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    @dd32 we couldn’t resolve the full site error 502/504 so we duplicated the instance and thus ran into this problem. Current instance/site is not experiencing 502/504, just 404 image and plugin file errors.

    @jnashhawkins I loved waking up to all of this insight. Here are my answers:

    1) Not sure if we had a paid subscription to JetPack or not on the old site/instance but I just got us premium this morning. I don’t see anything about “Photon” anywhere. I googled it and see that it is now called “Site Accelerator” which I now have active.

    2) I’m 90% positive there are no active cache plugins

    3) I am not running Auto-Optimize plugin or anything that seems to be similar to that concept

    4) I’ve chatted with AWS support for roughly 15-20 hours last 7 days. I’ll reach out again now with the exact verbiage you mentioned.

    5) Not too sure how to upgrade my PHP version.

    Keep me ‘in the loop’ on this if you can.

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    I was correct in my theory that there were multiple instances being bounced back and forth between refreshes. I removed all but the newest one from the load balancer within my AWS R53 and it looks to have cured the chaos. Appreciated any/all assistance from this thread.

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