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  • Is there a list somewhere of the shortcodes that are supplied by default with Wordpres (3.2). I was looking for a photo gallery, tried one that had some problems, and then discovered the [gallery] shortcode that seems to do what I want. So I wondered what other functions I might be able to implement simply by using WordPress supplied shortcodes.

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  • What type of “photo gallery”? Are you trying to create your own? Or do you have plugin? Please share a little more..

    At the moment I’m just experimenting. I’m researching the use of WordPress for 2 new web sites that I’m building, and so I’m trying to understand the range of functionality available. The point of my post was not to explore further gallery options, but to see what other functionality was available for WordPress using the shortcode facility.

    I read somwhere about the gallery shortcode, and about the shortcode API that came with WP 2.5, but I assumed that somewhere there would be a list of what other shortcodes come supplied as part of WordPress (rather than via a Plugin). I guess I could always try reading the code (but not today!)

    Off the top of my head, I think there is only [gallery] and [caption] in WordPress core. Shortcodes generally are used far more extensively by 3rd party plugins – although there’s also nothing stopping you adding your own custom shortodes via your theme.

    [EDIT] I forgot about [embed].

    Thanks Esmi. I can see that shortcodes are very useful for plugins, and as that was probably the prime reason for them, then the few existing supplied ones are probably primarily there to illustrate how they can be used by plugins.

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