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  • hi every one here! im new to the wordpress world but i really love it!
    im a php coder and i want to ask some questions about the wordpress pages and template structure! i have carefully read the docs about templates but i haven’t find anything that matches my questions.

    first of all: how is the linking between the page with the code and the template?

    if i want to write my own php page for wordpress how do i link it with the template?


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    you might want to look through the codex. thats what docs are for yes?

    i gave a look at the links but what i mean is how the code page is connected to the template?

    when i ask wordpress for a page does the code run first or it runs after the template is loaded?

    if i have to set my own page title witch function shall i use?

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    Easiest way to learn is to
    a) setup a wordpress blog for testing on a server,
    b) create some dummy content,
    c) mess with it and break it.

    The default theme caters to this. Look in wp-content/themes/default/header.php and locate this line

    <title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> &raquo; Blog Archive <?php } ?> <?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    wp_title() and the placement of that in the header is what will cause the title to show up.

    Play around and start breaking your theme and you’ll get the hang of it by yourself.

    thanks to everyone!
    i still have setup a worpress blog on my server and i have tried to “play” with it but it seems to be more complicated than i expected!

    I agree with Ricantails. I am struggling myself even though i am pretty confident with PHP and CSS. I dont want to break down an existing theme since i am a designer, so my layout is extremely different from your typical portal layout. Gonna try googling for more in-depth knowledge about this system.




    you are not going to find anything more in depth than the docs that already exist on this site. I am flummoxed, frankly, by self-professed “coders” that cant get their hands around wordpress. It couldnt be any more simpler — ppl that dont even code manage to “get it”.

    ok im not a really coder, im just an “over the average” blogger user, im just 17 years old and i have still many things to learn! but i like to develop in many different languages!

    thanks to everyone for the support =)




    im a php coder

    ok im not a really coder

    i have still many things to learn

    Like how not to misrepresent your abilities, apparantly. =)

    Easiest approach to redesigning a WP installation is to start with Kubrick (default theme), and start messing with the CSS file. You can drastically change layout and design without ever having touched a single PHP file.

    Next step is to start learning how templates work, and creating new templates by altering the PHP of these files to generate the HTML you want.

    Those first two steps alone will allow to completely customize the look of your WP installation.

    Further customizations affecting default behavior will require more effort — finding or writing plugins, etc. The Exec PHP plugin is very useful though, because you can use it to customize sidebar widgets and page behavior without editing files.

    I am a beginner in PHP (but proficient in HTML/CSS) and have been able to do just about anything I want to a WP installation…. it is extremely customizable, which is one of the best aspects of WordPress.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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