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  • After using the auto-update from within my wordpress admin – Now when I click on “stats” in admin I get either Error 500 or else a note that says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” !?

    Anyone know how I could possibly fix this? Thanks!

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  • I’m having a similar problem. I didn’t use auto-update, though, and I haven’t got the 500 error.

    Also, when I check my stats at, they report no hits since the upgrade. (The server logs report just as many as usual.)


    Some kind of bug?

    As a side note, I tried to delete the plugin from plugins page and was just going to reinstall but it will not delete.

    I deactivated and then reactivated, re-entered my API key and am still having the same problem!

    2.8.4 doesn’t work.. no stats at all.
    google analytics working just fine and showing traffic

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    Doesn’t work for me either, on a new 2.8.4 blog. Visits but no stats.

    *bump* come on people!?

    as a side note, sociable plugin is not working with this version either… Had a feeling I should have waited to upgrade lol

    Well, a day after installation it’s begun to work for me in 2.8.4 (WordPress Stats).

    Weird… is there any where I can go to have someone from WordPress take a look at my site and get some help on this? Or maybe a pro who would be willing to help?

    I upgraded to 2.8.4 a week or so ago, and the stats worked fine. But yesterday, they went from an average 8500 down to 11 with no referrals recorded. Today they are at a whopping 2.

    My server tells me that my hits are still at 8455 for yesterday and are currently at 2274 this morning, so it isn’t a case of lost traffic.

    The stats seem to be working fine on my other blogs with the same configurations and plugins. None of that has changed.

    2.8.4 does not work. When I tried to activate the plugin I have got an error message “wp_includes/pluginer.php Headers cannot be modified” etc.

    This plugin needs to be updated.

    I am not sure it is WP 2.8.4 that is causing this. I have some other blogs running the same configuration and stats are working fine on them.

    Okay, I solved the problem.

    Make sure you have <?php wp_footer(); ?> just before your </body> tag. Somehow mine got stripped out (probably when I added something the other day)

    But I am back up and running again.

    Good advice, DJAllyn, but I’ve got <?php wp_footer(); ?> in there just before the </body> tag.

    Incidentally, I’ve since installed a 2.8.3 version, just to see, and stats are still not working. So you’re onto something with it not being WP 2.8.4.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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