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  • Ok, I’ve been using the wpstats plugin for a year now and I really like it. I’ve seen the frequent updates and have noticed bugs being worked out of it little by little.

    Now, one of the things I’ve noticed from the very beginning is that wpstats doesn’t seem to handle category views properly. I’ve done everything needed to count the stats in category views and wpstats counts them, but they show up as “invisible” hits or rather hits which are not assigned to a particular post.

    Depending on how your blogroll is set up you might have 5 or 10 posts show up in a category view. Right now this counts as 1 hit for me. It’s very common for me to have say 5 hits on my blog and none of those hits are assigned to a particular post. It’s like wpstats is blind to the category title – say “news” or “games” etc. It only seems to look for post or page titles.

    Not sure this has been discussed before, if someone can direct me to the wpstats developer I’d be happy to drop a line but the main download page doesn’t seem to have a link to such a developer. THanks!

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  • Hello folks, maybe you can direct me to a place where this question can be answered? Do you think this is perhaps an artifact of the theme I am using?

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