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  • It’s been screwey for a week or more now. The stats in Today and Yesterday seem to be reversed. Yesterday I noticed that around 23:00 the chart at the top was into the next day.

    I’m using wp 3.1.

    I’ve been using this plugin for years without incident. Until just recently.

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  • Same problem as hmfwic.

    Graph and value for Blog Stats don’t match anymore. My next day doesn’t start at the correct time either.

    Hopefully someone is working on this.


    Same problem for me. Plus, I have the stats “Most Popular Post” plug-in on the front page of my website and it is not working either because the stats plug-in is not rendering popular posts/or searches any longer.

    Same issue here and I have had no problems with the plugin up until this past week. Many seem to be having the same issue. Do those who created have an intention to fix? I see a lot of “see other threads” but they all have nothing more than frustrated users ending with yet another “see other threads.” I would like accurate stats and am happy to wait while repairs are being executed, if only someone were to post useful information indicating that waiting patiently is going to help get the issue resolved faster.

    I found a ‘fix’ for it. There’s something new out there by Automattic called Jetpack. Jetpack is more than just a replacement for the wordpress stats plugin, although that is all I downloaded it for.

    Jetpack is actually a plugin that offers a suite of functions, stats is one, that you can configure or turn on/off as needed. Since installing it last night, I’ve already turned on a couple of the other features it offers.

    The stats feature looks nice. Nicer than what it replaced. It uses the admin bar feature in 3.1 too, like the other stats did. Only this one seems to work.

    You can find it here:

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