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  • Hello, i tried to install wordperss stats plugin on my blog but when i enterted the api key from my account with id “spyece” it did not worked.

    Please take a look at the screenr video regarding this.

    I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with this, can you please tell me how i can remove the current API key and add a new one?


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  • I have the very same issue and have just gotten around to posting as this bumps up in priority for me.

    The behavior is the same. I cannot change the API when clicking on the link. Nothing happens. I have tried various browsers, in case it was a browser issue. No luck.

    I have tried deleting and readding the plugin, but it seems to remember the wrong info. I could not locate anything in the database that seemed related.

    OK, so I found the wp_options.stats_options column and removed the existing key (twice). This allowed me to enter the correct key.

    However, the API still does not work because my fixed IP from my hosting provider is not allowed, even though my www subdomain points to it (forwards).

    “Bad site URL. IPs ( are not allowed. Move to a domain and then try again.”

    How do I get around that? I AM on a domain. Well, actually…
    I have a fixed IP because I have multiple blogs on this hosting provider with domains managed elsewhere and DNS pointed (forwarded) to the appropriate site root (a WordPress install, in this case).

    Changing the wp_options.siteurl from the IP name to the www name address causes the site to loose it’s theme information, keeping only the content when I visit

    Currently, the IP name is in use in the SITEURL column and the themes work fine, but the plugin objects to it.

    What should I do now?

    Well, I found a wp_options.HOME column and it seems to have a similar but different purpose than SITEURL, so I changed HOME from the IP address to the name and the site still seemed to function. Then I read through the PHP file and edited line 435 to use HOME instead of SITEURL for the domain name determination. That seems to work. Lucky guess, or did I break something I don’t know about? [There’s a LOT I don’t know about.]

    Please, advise if that’s legal, Kosher, or other. Thanks.

    Where do you find this “wp_options.stats_options”? In the SQL-database? Or in some php file?

    I’m having the same problem. I entered an API key and then realized I need to use a different one, but I just keep coming back to the confirmation screen when I click the link to change the API.

    I tried deactiviating and reactivating the plug in.

    GAH! This was working swimmingly for me until a few days ago. Then kaput. Nothing. I’ve reinstalled and now can’t install my API key. Same problem, two different blogs, two different themes. Have tried everything I can think of. Giving up. 🙁

    Any news? This is really frustrating!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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