WordPress Stats Plugin causing tags to break (1 post)

  1. netflow
    Posted 5 years ago #

    So with the last upgrade I lost the ability to add tags to any of my posts. I've had problems in the page with features not working in firefox but working in opera so this was the first thing I tried, switching to opera but lo and behold the problem was the same in opera. I could type in the tags window, it would even search the DB for similar tags I had used before but I couldn't add them at all.. The button just wouldn't do anything.

    So i de-activated all plugins and started activating them one at a time to see if the culprit was in there. Much to my chagrin, wordpress stats was the problem, the one plugin I use the most :(. As soon as the stats plugin is deactivated I can add tags, when it is activated I can't.

    I am using firefox/opera in Ubuntu 9.04 and my blog is running on FreeBSD 7.1 STABLE

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