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    I am self-hosted at Bluehost, using the “ Stats” plugin. Until this morning all I had to do was click the “Site Stats” link on the left side my dashboard and the stats, while slow in loading, eventually came up. But this morning it asked me for my “” password, which has happened once or twice over the past two years or so, but it then pulled up my stats. This morning after I logged in to stats it took me to my old free dashboard. There I have to select my self-hosted site from the options and click “Change”. The stats come up and appear as a bar graph, different from the bullet graph on my self-hosted site, which is ok, but something has changed. In addition, the header section of my self-hosted dashboard changes after the page has fully loaded, either from login or when I click “Dashboard” from another dashboard location. My linked name of my web site appears only briefly, and then it goes away and is replaced with a large WP logo with “” beside it, which “drops down” lower into the header. As it turns out, the link to my web site is still in “”, as when I click on it, my site comes up. Even more weird is this only happens when I am on my “Dashboard” link. From the other dashboard links, such as “Widgets” or “Updates”, etc. the header of the dashboard is normal. I can deactivate my “ Stats” plugin, and the header returns to normal.

    I am currently using version 3.0.1, and I have no other update notices. I keep all my updates current. Everything was working fine last night when I was last logged in, and I made no updates yesterday or since then. I have run a check with Bluehost, using the “Health Check” plugin, and everything is up to date. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for replies.

    PS: I might add that sometimes within the past 12 to 15 months, immediately after one of the WordPress version updates (I don’t recall which), the site stats begin to load very, very slow, and most times I have to click on the “Site Stats” link several times before it will load. Never have figured that one out.

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  • I have the same problem as well! This just happened to me for the first time this morning, and it’s annoying! I can’t pull up my stats, everything is up to date! What happened today?

    Same for me – just now

    Me too!

    For me it pulls up stats from an old blog and I can’t figure out how to display the stats from the website I am currently running.

    Me too.

    I can go into my dashboard and switch to my self-hosted blog and see my stats, but not from my self-hosted dashboard. It may work itself out and be fine tomorrow.

    same here. beren working great for weeks then all of a sudden this morning, on all my wordpress blogs, this is happening.

    soundslike an issue w/wordpress stats server/plugin/stats collector

    I use dream host- can’t see my stats, it pulls from an old free blog i was a member of. This sucks.

    I took a peek at my stats a few hours back, then went out for a meeting.

    When I returned my stats page…

    It seems to be back and fixed now 🙂

    Good Grief! Before posting this I did a search on Forums and found nothing about it. I was afraid it was isolated and some sort of thing with my host. Sorry to hear all of you are having the same problem, but it’s good to know I’m not alone. If it’s as wide-spread as it appears, maybe WordPress will jump on this right away. I’m sure it has something to do with an over-night update now at WordPress. Surely they’re addressing this issue.

    I see there are several other strands reporting this and other obviously related problems – on several there is a note to say they are looking into it.

    This seems to be a problem somehow related to the API key. I’m getting the login page from one of my very first self-hosted blogs instead of the stats graph on every one of my wordpress sites.

    I’m not hugely inconvenienced, just putting this information up in case it helps.

    My stats are back!

    just update plugin:

    version 1.7.4 works 🙂

    Had the same problem. Prolly server glitch from the side back into your blog. mine seems to be back up now.

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