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  • I have had wordpress stats plugin installed on a blog on my site ( ) for over a year but it has never recorded a single visit, although my host’s cpanel shows quite a number of visitors (though how accurately I cannot say). I even registered a new username for the blog with support at to se if that would kick-start the thing but nothing.

    The plugin works fine on all my other blogs.

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  • Make sure this code is in your footer.
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    That was it! I just added <?php wp_footer(); ?> to my footers, and it works. I was knocking my head against the wall, the floor, the desk… is this clearly stated in the setup instructions? If so, I really need to get my prescription checked.

    I am having the same issue. My Visit Counter widget indicates 23 visits. WP Stats O. Does the above code go in the Footer.php of the themes file? Thanks in advance.

    I’m having this same problem. I plugged in that bit of code in the theme footer.php but the plugin still doesn’t work. It doesn’t register hits & when I mouse over the grid it says “undefined.”

    Still having the same issue. I deleted, then reloaded the plugin. I used my API key and added this second blog to the key. I put the above code into my “footer.php” just before the “</body>” line. Stats is still showing no visits even though the visit counter widget is now up to 64. Clicking on “Plug-ins” shows a message that says the program is “configured and working.”
    Any ideas on what is wrong? and once it is working will the plugin remember and list past visits. The site has only been active for four days.

    I installed the ShortStats plugin and it works fine as does my free visit counter widget. I use WordPress Stats on my other blog (with a different theme) and it has always worked fine. I am still not sure if I put that little code in the right place. I couldn’t find the code anywhere in my older theme that is working

    Thanks a lot jeffreyarchibald, i’ve just add the php line <?php wp_footer(); ?> in my footer and… my stats works !!
    I was not far away from knocking my head on my desk too !
    Good work !

    Just installed yesterday. Stats will not update and mouse over says “undefined.” Footer code was always in its right place. Any ideas?

    I’m running a self-hosted blog using an API key from a registered site.

    I too inserted the code in my footer.php file but no matter where in that file I insert it, I get the following error:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘PostRating::VisitorCredits’ was given in /mnt/w0708/d19/s06/b028cdb5/www/ on line 339

    Awesome! Just what I neeeded.

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    inserted just before the </body> </html> tags in the footer.php file.

    I have 3 other blogs. and all have had their stats working correctly except one. Couldn’t figure out why one of them wasn’t working for the life of me. Reregistering new accounts for new API keys was definitely not the answer.

    If you’re using different themes for different sites, I think some theme developers are forgetting to put this code in the footer.

    Nonetheless, thank you, jeffreyarchibald!

    Same problem for me, and i have <?php wp_footer(); ?> in place correctly.

    Pulling my hair out here.

    mine stopped working on monday after noon ish, not changed anything?

    Mine was working fine and then just stopped, I deleted the package and then installed again but still no luck …. what a pain

    Update to my earlier post …

    Have got it working now, couple of points to take into account.

    1) If your developer makes updates on your behalf makes sure he/she is aware of the required coding <?php wp_footer(); ?> mine updated the footer.php and must of accidentally deleted it.

    2) I then tried to add the code myself but added it to the wrong theme … Make sure your updating the correct theme footer.php file.

    Hope this helps

    Hi there,
    Could somebody please tell me where I find the footer.php file?

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