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  • Since yesterday my wordpress site has lost its way in dates only for Stats. Its showing stats for the previous day and did not move forward to a new date. The blog date looks fine.
    I tried deactivating and re-activating the stats plugin but it did not make a difference.
    Can someone help ?
    I am running version 3.1 of wordpress using a 2010 weaver theme and version 1.8.1 of stats

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  • Similar problem on my blog.

    im confirming the same issue

    im on wp 3.0.5

    everything worked fine till yesterday,

    it seems wp stats is using the UTC time instead of the actual time of my country to show the stats date.

    same issue here as both above. Stats suddenly started saying it is tomorrow.
    Wordpress version 3.1, stats plugin version 1.8.1

    Same issue, Stats version 1.81 on WP 3.05.

    I’m having the same problem: tonight WP-Stats antecipate midnight in two hours. WP 3.0.5 + Plugin 1.8.1


    Check your stats now. Seems they saw the problem patched it, but not fixed properly.
    We lost one day’s worth of stats because of this issue.

    Its probably working for you now too, since its working for me. Can you please confirm

    My stats are on UTC time. That means I am getting stats for tomorrow, (3/17) right now.

    Nothing changed. Same problem, still two hours ahead of my time zone.

    That’s true: WP-Stats assumed UTC time zone. Almost 2:00AM now.

    I’m at +8GMT so stats today are added to the stats yesteday:P But it’s fixed now.

    Having the same issue. WP 3.1 and Stats 1.8.1

    Does anyone know if there’s a fix for this UTC/wrong date bug? Thank you!

    Having the same issue. Stats are displaying with UTC time, not EDT (UTC-4).

    For weeks my stats have been turning a new day at 23:00 each day. I’m on US Eastern Time, and since we moved the clocks forward to Daylight Savings Time this past Saturday my stats have been turning a new day at 22:00, or 2 hours ahead of time.

    My time and timezone are correctly set in the WordPress dashboard.

    Just wanted to add that we too are having a tough go with the stats. I will give as much detail as I can to help trouble shoot the issue. Approximately one month ago we were having an issue with stats ending at 11:00 PM Eastern. I verified the wordpress setting for clock was set to New York. I also went in and made sure the server clock and php settings had the correct time settings. I believe the server clock was off by one hour. We corrected this and the stats began working correctly.

    When the Daylight Savings Time Shift occurred the stat’s day end shifted to 1:00 AM. I double checked clock settings in wordpress, php server as well as the site server. All were correctly showing the propper time. I went in to wordpress and updated my timezone setting from New York to Nassau, saved and then switched right back to New York and resaved. This corrected the issue.

    Then four days ago, the stat’s day end switched to UTC. By updating the wordpress timezone settings, I was able to get accurate (or at least I think is accurate) stats for that day.

    Then we were unable to access stats while it was being worked on. The unavailable issue was resolved and then stats became erratic, sometimes ending on UTC and sometimes per wordpress timezone settings. When the number is off, I change and then reset wordpress timezone settings and it appears to correct the pageviews. I record the page views everynight so I can tell when it looks right based upon past history.

    Currently the graph appears to be reading correctly, but the daily pageview display at the bottom left of the page is showing stats (most likely) from UTC timezone.

    Feel free to contact me if I can help.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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