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WordPress Stats currently broken?

  • Wolfull


    I can’t seem to get my stats to load correctly on any of my 3 blogs, all only list yesterdays stats but mark them as today.
    And they don’t seem to be updating.

    Anyone else currently having issues with it?

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  • nop work fine for me, but they did make an update to the stats



    maybe they updated the date system.. could explain the weirdness.



    Mine are still broken just the same as Wolfull’s.

    anyone know whats happening?

    Me too – They just stopped working.

    I’m having a persistent problem with stats on the dashboard, it just won’t log in!

    If I go to my dashboard it takes username and password then goes round and asks me for username password again (if I enter wrong password, I get an error message, so I know it’s at least submitting the password).

    Ticking the ‘remember’ button makes no difference.

    I’m using Firefox (3.0.1)

    Looked at it in MSIE and got a spinning disk, following by an Orange box saying Loading <../wp-includes/charts/stats-data.php?blog=1234 etc

    Then nothing happened.

    Clicking ‘see all’ gave me data in MSIE, but not firefox.

    ( As an aside, even if it were working, ideally, I’d prefer things if it were the server grabbing the stats, and presenting to me, rather than having a seperate secondary login.)

    Mine has been broken for 3 days now. Stats reports 0 page views! This is very annoying.

    Well I fixed mine by inserting the following code into my footer.php:

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    Allow at least an hour or two before you can see any changes in the stats.


    I just installed yesterday, and it and it hasn’t worked yet! Arrrrg!!!

    Yeah, I have two site using this service, and neither of them are updating, but I know that my site is seeing traffic because I’m getting replies to my posts through WP.

    I think there’s something going on with this plugin right now.

    Jan Dembowski
    Volunteer Mod. & Brute Squad


    I think there’s something going on with this plugin right now.


    Nope. Look in your theme’s footer.php and make sure that before the </body> tag you have <?php wp_footer(); ?>.

    If it’s not there then you need to add it right before the </body> tag.

    Nope. That’s not the problem.

    Both my sites have the “<?php wp_footer(); ?>” in their page.php files.

    Again, one of the sites was working right up until today. It’s still displaying yesterdays date, and nothing is updating.

    Prior to today it was getting stats just fine. No major updates, no new plugins.

    Jan Dembowski
    Volunteer Mod. & Brute Squad


    Easy way to check: URL please?

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